The Answer Deck - Strength


A collosal, heavily muscular figure is shown standing above the viewer of the card, as if viewing him from his feet, prostrate on the ground.

His arms are spread wide to the sides in a gesture of dominance. His legs are positioned with one standing, the other knee bent, and with the shoe out of sight, I can almost feel that boot on my shoulder.

He wears a mask.

The sky behind him is dotted with clouds.

Or... what I see as I look closer, which is what I think the artist *really* wanted us to see is...

It is not a sky, but a globe, and this is Atlas, carrying us on his shoulders. (Don't shrug!)

Strength can be called of us during times when we feel like we're supporting the weight of the world on our own backs. Dealing with everyone's problems, and our own. Holding the whole situation "up," maintaining a balance, can be a Herculean feat under certain life circumstances.

We do not see whether this effort taxes him, since his face is hidden behind the mask.


I really like this card....the feeling I get when I look at it.

The heavily muscled man reminds me of the Hulk....I am not crazy about the comic-book style definitely does evoke the meaning of the card: STRENGTH.....power, control, focused energy.

This card also makes me think of someone carrying the weight of the world on their might be a reminder or confirmation to that person that they ARE able to carry the load for now....and that they do have the strength to overcome their problems eventually....

:) Luna