The astrological Fardar of 78


Wasn't sure where to note this, but thought that as it arises in the 11th century, and as the specific note I am making is in connection to the number 78 (rather than a discussion of astrology per se), the Historical section of the Forums was perhaps more apt than the Astrology one.

The page on this mentions the various lengths of astrological fardar (and mentions that the etymology is Persian from a 'corruption of the Greek meaning "period"').

The specific one that concerns us is not the 360 year mighty fardar, nor the smaller ones of 75 years, but, specifically, the:
big fardar = 78 years

allotted to the signs in an uneven manner:
Aries 12 [years]
Taurus 11 [years]
Gemini 10 [years]
Cancer 9 [years]
Leo 8 [years]
Virgo 7 [years]
Libra 6 [years]
Scorpio 5 [years]
Sagittarius 4 [years]
Capricorn 3 [years]
Aquarius 2 [years]
Pisces 1 [years]​
The total is 78.
Of course, as 78 is a triangular number of base twelve, there was bound to be some astrologically-made reflection that allocates 1-12 in an additive form to the zodiac, resulting in a consideration of 78.

I am not here in any manner advocating that there is a connection between the two. Simply noting, for interest's sake, a commonality of numerical value.