The Best Thoth Deck

Trowa Strife

I have never gotten into the Thoth deck but I would like to scope around for the best copy I can find, however there are so many. Can someone shoot me in the direction of their favorite version of the deck and tell me why it is so?


By version do you mean printing or edition or clone?

Trowa Strife

I mean edition. I hear some have extra magus cards, some have crisper artwork, there are different sizes, etc.


I have three copies of it: two of the large-format Samual Weiser edition from 1969, and one of the standard-size multiple-magus decks from 1983, which was touted at the time as being truer to the original art in terms of color. I like the larger size for study and the smaller for reading. I'm thinking of buying another current version - probably a "pocket" size, and the consensus on Amazon is that the A.G. Mueller "Swiss" one printed in Belgium is a better choice than the U.S. Games edition now printed in China. If I can find it, that is; U.S. Games and Amazon sellers seem to be doing a bit of "bait-and-switch" with the advertising. Note the customer reviews.


I do have the plain ole green box from Amazon and I find its beautiful ..I remembered being surprised because I just noticed cards say AGMuller maybe thats where the confusion is from? I thought that was weird. I LOVE this deck. Love.

I have a greenie as well the white box c and I find it does have better card stock

but I love my regular plain ole green box Thoth. My hands are tiny and I'm still learning so I haven't opened them with up a trim yet so its a bit difficult but the card stock is thin so I can get a really good side by side shuffle. They are just as gorgeous without you having to spend an arm and a leg on a deck... gorg

As far as sizes go I'm bias towards bigger cards I do intend on getting a Purple box I believe its smaller than the green but bigger than the blue?
at least that's what I'm hoping for...

Trowa Strife

One thing I notice is the words-on-words. This is somewhat disorienting for me. Which deck minimizes this contrast?

Babalon Jones

One thing I notice is the words-on-words. This is somewhat disorienting for me. Which deck minimizes this contrast?

You could get a large version and trim it.

My current favorite was a gift from a friend. It is the one that comes in a gold box and says "ORIGINAL Aleister Crowley THOTH TAROT" copyright by Ordo Templi Orientis/AGM AGMuller Urania. It is smaller in size but a very high quality printing and good coloring. Titles are in German, as is the substantial booklet. I am not sure if there is an English language version or if it is out of print.

But I also love my other versions, a 3 Magi, a mini Hexery, a Greenie. I have some of the large "standard" versions too but no longer the boxes so I forget which is which. The only one I should have but don't which is silly, is a trimmed one. I would say that is because I am lazy but it is not exactly that. I just do so much paper trimming for art and tarot purposes that it is like the cobbler's kid having no shoes.

Le Fanu

I love the standard sized 3-magus purple box Thoth which inexplicably vanished a few years ago (luckily I bought three or four of them). I also have a few large Green / 2 of Disk box ones but one is unaccountably richer in colouring than the others and I often reach for that one.

I have a few greenies but Freddie popped one in with a Trade as a gift a few years ago. It has astrological symbols in pencil in the borders of some cards and for some reason I love this deck. No box, the faintest hue of greenness, but nice thick cards and gently old-fashioned tones in the artwork.

I also have a large trimmed one I got from Moonbow which I love. I trimmed one myself but she did a better job of it.

Also love my gold box mini Urania-Verlag; the one with the High Priestess on the box. That too inexplicably vanished from the marketplace. I like the pale, nuanced watercolouring. It seems to show up the shading better.

So many I love!

Trowa Strife

So it looks like the "purple" box is one of the best copies. What is the difference between in and the "green" box and how do make sure I know which one I have buying?