The black and white Tarot Deck



I'm Italian and I do not write well in English, so sorry if you find some error in writing ...

I am creating a deck of tarot cards, classic if we want to define it, without a theme ... but obviously illustrated in my artistic vision ...

Are illustrations of classic design, ink on paper, in black and white
(Processed on the PC to enter the number and name card)

I would try to make them readable, many of the decks that I see are very beautiful but sometimes do not reflect the correct card characteristics, are interpreted too. Certainly do not want to create a bunch boring but only that respects the characteristics of the card. For example in the card of the moon will have to be the moon, the wolves, the towers and the crab and the card of the sun will be the sun and the two children playing and so on ...

I have already done some major arcana and I'm drawing more ...

you can see them at:
(I hope I can put this link and see)

My aim is to create a full deck, with all the major and minor arcana cards, print it and then sell it
If you like, also sell single cards like pictures...

(The names of the cards are written in Italian but can be replaced in any language)

I accept tips and advice


Those are really NICE! I like the line art you do. But I'm not a member of Deviantart so the three with the mature content filter on can't be seen. It won't let me access them.

I think your deck will be very publishable once you have it done. And the prints have a good chance of selling well too.

Good work!


thank you

I did not remember the filter deviantart ...
if you are interested to see the other, I can make do with email
or if you know other ways to view them ...

Babalon Jones

I too cannot see some, but the ones I can are very nice! Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Very nice! Keep us posted with updates.

swimming in tarot

What I can see is very well executed, and the symbols are very visible, as you intend, and naturally placed. Looking forward to seeing more!


thanks to all

certainly I will continue to post the new cards that I create


Love your artwork - I would buy this deck like a shot! Keep going and keep posting.


Wow, these are fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing with us :)


:))) i watch you on deviantart!:))) trust my words all cards are FANTASTIC!:)))
not sure could pinterest show this images without restriction?:)) but you should definitly consider thumbir/fb and kickstarter!^^ :))