The Book of thoth Etteilla "book"


I'm looking for a book which helps to read The Book of thoth etteilla deck. I can't read this deck for the moment. I think the little white book from Lo Scarabeo is badly made.... Cards meaning are weird (only a few words) and when I draw the cards, it means absolutely nothing. I'm looking for a book with more information about the meaning of cards. But when I search on the web I can only find the deck.... It's because book is the name of the deck... It's complicated to find a book about a deck named book Ahahah Does someone know a great book about this deck?


For me, the biggest help was Etteilla's Troisième Cahier. Even though the explanations are sparse and somewhat vague, I think the book/text gives a pretty good idea of how the cards were meant to be read, plus there are a few reading examples.

I think this deck, at least in the original context, is rather simple to read, meant to predict more mundane things like inheritance, marriage, a fortunate or unfortunate journey, etc., and it doesn't really bother itself with psychological stuff, other than someone's good, bad, or matrimonial intentions, perhaps. :grin: On the other hand, a reader can always stretch the keywords to cover a wider base.

You can try doing daily draws with this deck (it helped me a lot to widen the meanings of some of the cards), and you can also post some of your readings in this subforum (Marseilles & Other Early Decks) with your attempted interpretations, and then other members will add their thoughts. :)

I think this is a fascinating deck that's well worth the effort going into its studying. Good luck! :thumbsup:


The original book (well, the one from the Grimaud version of the Etteilla - 1870 version called 'Grand Jeu de Oracle des Dames' - Great Game of the Oracle of Ladies) is weirder than the cards or LoS's book, actually.

Here's what that book says about Card no 3:
N° 3
If this card comes out in its upright position it indicates gossip to which one should pay no attention. If this card appears next to number 18 which signifies a traitor it means that the gossip is slanderous.
Upside down this card announces a picnic which will be spoiled by heavy rain.
Next to card number 47, this number 3 card predicts feasting in pleasant surroundings.
If number 3 is followed by n° 47 it means that the feasting will end with much drunkenness.
If the card representing the consultant is next to this n° 3 card it means that the consultant will win a law suit provided both cards are upright and not reversed.
Next to card n° 67, this card is a warning that the consultant will have burglars in the house.
If n° 3 is upright it means that burglars will fail to not anything but should this n° 3 card come out upside down it means that the burglars will cause great damage.

It doesn't read like a regular tarot deck at all. It is much more down to earth, as dancing_moon says.


Thank you very much for your help. The link you gave dancing moon is in French and I'm French so that's perfect. It will help me a lot. Thanks again