the chakra prayer


This morning I was laying down in bed thinking of a good bye post when a sort of idea came to me,, I thought about the systemic prayer thread we did ,, and how the lords prayer is supposed to work on all the chakras..then a sort of dictation/flow started. Starting at the root center it goes like this
Before you start, you could say how great the universe is , like George burns says in oh god you devil
One aspect of the lords prayer is how holy the name of the creator is, and how infinite the creator is so before praying for the chakras you may to add in humbleness, or praise. Perhaps

Dear holy creator, blessed are your creations.
Help me over come my weakness
By giving me purpose to life. (root) (picture yourself blessed with red flame in your aura )
Help me respect life
By giving inspiration to create (sexual center)
picture yourself blessed with orange flame in your life
Help me be strong
By being gentle (will center)
picture yourself blessed with yellow flames.
Help my heart be healed
By helping me understand unconditional love (heart)
picture your blessed with green flames.
Help to speak my truth
And to speak only good things (throat)
picture yourself blessed with blue flames
Help to not see darkness and illlusion
But to see the light and truth(third eye)
picture yourself blessed with indigo flames.
Help me to hear good things,,
and to hear the truth (psychic ears)
Help me to let go of my fears
as you are blessed with the indigo flames
By guiding me In wisdom (crown center)
Help me to connect to my soul
picture yourself blessed with the violet flame.
So I can better understand myself (soul seat, fuinella)
Help to have only the best intentions
picture yourself blessed with silverly blue flame
And let go off all my blocks (saha,, hara)
Help me goddess understand you
picture yourself blessed with molten orange core flame
In all your femine glory (silver flame, goddess)
Help me god aspect understand you
picture yourself blessed with the silver flame.
In all your masculine glory (the gold light, god )
Help me be in with you , source
picture yourself blessed with gold light
Of all that is , (the purest white light of the universe ).
Thank you for all of this,
the purest whie light as far out as I goes.
I am one with thou for all eternity and infinity.