The Chariot


The chariot sang to me the other night.


Quote:purplelady (26 Aug, 2001 11:27):
The chariot sang to me the other night.

what did the chariot sing? "swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home?" sorry, couldn't resist. ;D


I have the nigel jackson tarot,and have been doing the meditations suggested in the book that came with. I'm doing the major arcana one by one in order.I've been at it for months,and it was time for the chariot (I only meditate on one whenever I feel the time is right ,so weeks and months can go by between the cards).No , it didn't sing "swing low, sweet chariot" ! :-D ! It sang a U2 song from the album "war" (kind-of an old album) song is called "drowning man".


At first I heard the backround melody,the guitars............and then I heard some words from the chorus. I did not know what song it was ,but knew I knew it.It occured to me that it was U2,and I thought I knew what album it was from, at which point I went to my c.d. collection.Sure enough it was on there and so are all the words. I haven't listened to album in ,well, a long time! Don't know what it means , but it sang to me!And it sang That song!


Perhaps you could read the lyrics & see what they say. It seems a likely place to begin.


Hi meewah! Yes, I have the lyrics here.But they're kind -of long and I don't want to do a copyright infringement or anything.Here is part of the lyrics:

Take my hand
you know I'll be there.
If you can I'll cross
The sky for your love.For I have promised you
To be with you tonight
And for the time that will come.

And I understand
These winds and tides,
This change of times
won't drag you away.
Hold on
Hold on tightly
Hold on and don't let go of my love.

The storms will pass
It won't be long now
The storms will pass
But my Love lasts forever.

And take my hand
You know I'll be there
If you can
I'll cross the sky for your love.
Hold on tightly
Hold on tightly
This love lasts forever,
take my hand.

by U2


That is probably the coolest thing I've heard in at least an hour! ;) Wow, I'd love to hear my cards sing to me. I'm not making fun of you, btw. I really do think it's neat for your card to send you such a wonderfully clear message. So awesome!

Rhiannon :)


Thanx rhiannon! LOL, I'm really not sure what it's supposed to mean for me,though I can speculate on a few possible meanings. It is a really beautiful song if you listen to the music.