The Clown, Vision Quest Study


What a great thread, so many wonderful posts. I won't repeat what has already been said, thinking along the way of cards can be read many ways. another aspect of this fools card that I love, that I have not seen in other decks, is that this one tells me not to trust what my eyes tell me, that things are not as they appear. and the beautiful animal spirit surrounding him, relaxes me with it's wise gaze, telling me to trust this journey. that I am not alone, and the coyote in the background is calling my helpers to join me. All is well. I am learning a new way of discernment. to trust my instincts rather than relying on my eyes and intellect. and enjoy the journey! Life is meant to be lived fully! I am drawn to his hair pointing in two directions, outwardly and the 5 pieces of cloth that also have two ends fluttering about his being. Let the journey begin! aho and so it is.