The court cards


Primarily the king and queen.
Further to my previous post about the kings: I started putting the kings and queens next to one another and noticed that if you put the kings to the left of the queens - the pentacles are looking at each other as are the cups. Wands are both looking ahead, and the swords are looking away from each other.

Does anyone know if the kings traditionally sat on the right of the queens? It just seems interesting...



When I've made posters of the Zodiac positions for the
Court Cards using The Pamela Colman Smith Tarot of 1909,
what has worked best is to reverse some of the more
off-into-space postures.

I think Pam wanted to emphasize that the Kings, Queens,
Knights, and Pages all hold their appropriate symbols in
their right hands. (They do look odd reversed, but only
up close ~ the posters are great, you should try one.)

PS: The Pages are the 4 Phases of the Moon

Pentacles = New
Wands = Waxing
Cups = Full
Swords = Waning

You can really see this when you arrange them
each under a Moon Phase drawing in the above order.


There's a posting about this, King here, Queen there.
The pictures carry a lot of weight, especially the crypt.