The Cryptic Tarot - WIP deck by Emily Lubanko


I felt this is the more appropriate forum, as only a few cards are complete so far.

Found this work-in-progress deck recently floating in the tumblr-sphere. Another card visible in the header is on the artist's main site, Strength (warning for nudity and mild gore in lower non-Tarot illustrations). Strong RWS influence. I think I like the art; the Hierophant is quite haunting.

Any thoughts? :)

Laura Borealis

Powerful art. I definitely like it. That is possibly my favorite Hierophant ever.


Really strong artistic direction- with beauty too! Also she has started the minors.
We should encourage Emily onto our forum. I would love to follow this one.
Cheers chocbird.


I've noticed this sort of art style become fashion trend recently seeing it on DA often!:))
(check out my fav card gallery to see what I mean )
but imo this style would work best for thoth based deck?XD especially because it's bit gore and seeing author portfolio?!XD :))


Wow. Wow, wow, wow!! Amazing stuff. Hoping this deck becomes a reality.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes it.

wodden-eye, I'll write to the artist and ask whether she'd like to join here.

Admittedly, I don't frequent DA much, reall. But I notice Trung Nguyen's cards in your gallery, whose deck I am eagerly awaiting, so perhaps I should take more interest. I think the lines here are a bit too flowing for a Thoth-based deck, which makes me think of ideal geometry and such (though note that I don't know much about either art or Thoth :p).


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for inviting me here. I am Emily Lubanko, the artist of this upcoming deck. Thank you so much for your kind words!

The deck is still in progress-- I have more cards in process than the ones that I have posted since I am working on a lot of them concurrently. So there is a lot more to come-- I plan on making this fully and richly illustrated, since I prefer to read with decks that don't just have "pip" cards.

I am happy to answer any and all questions people have about this deck, my art, my tarot practice, and my approach to making this.

I remember this site existing when I was first getting into tarot something like 15+ years ago-- what a wonderful thing still see it going strong!

Hope everyone is well!


I love it, I love it, I love it. Energetic line work and powerful images. Definitely want it in the future!


Has anyone heard more about this deck in the intervening months? Would love to see the progress :)


most of the artwork is stunning and haunting, but must admit that i'm in love with the Star card. probably the most symbolic Devil card I've ever seen.