The dark lady in a child's eyes


I have to share this really neat but very odd experience.

Earlier this morning after my kids had breakfast, we were relaxing and watching t.v. (ok, so I was the only one "relaxing" laying on the couch with my 3 kids played).

Out of no where, my middle child comes trodding up to me (she's 3 yrs old mind you) puts her hands down on the couch (where i'm laying at), makes her arms taught and tight and leans in looking at me. She gets this smirk on her lips and her eyes gleam over with that same look the dark lady has. My child LITERALLY looked like the dark lady for a minute. Leaning in, looking downward at me, the half smirk and that mischievious gleaming/glaring eye. I decided at that moment, the dark lady is close at hand playing with my children.

Now, that last statement may seem a bit freaky or scary, but we put so much "darkness" to the dark lady, but we also all know that the faeries all have a few things in common. Their every for changing, every playful, and they are partiularly playful with children and animals. With all these things considered, I see it as a blessing and thank the dark lady for allowing me to see her manifest in a playful loving way. I feel that it's helped me see her with love, as I looked at my child with love and smiled back at her. Truly a blessing I think, and I just wanted to share this strange yet wonderful story with all of you.


Aura Wolf

What a neat story sagitarian :D


Not freaky at all. It seems to me she expressed a depth of nature that we don't think of finding in children, but of course it's there.



What a beautiful encounter with this intriguing Fae! She came out in a recent reading I did too, She is soo lovely. What a gift to see that spirit in my niece's eyes!!! :D


That is very cool.

I love Dark Lady too.
She is challenge to me. Like, ok you wanna PLAY. I can PLAY.

I don't see malevolence in her. I think she has it in her if she is crossed, and I am so glad to know she is in the pack.

Interesting, but in the same line, I love the movie Kill Bill. I just saw it this past summer. Holy sh!#. Now that is some Dark Lady mojo. I saw both 1&2, and I have to tell you, it was violent, and I'm not someone who loves violence, but something attracted me to that character. Maybe it was the Dark Lady energy. That if you do me wrong, really, really wrong, there is no way you will get away with it without some kind of payback.