the Dark Lady/predictions?


I know that alot of you had difficutly with the Dark Lady. I had her in my favorites pile but picked Himself instead.

I drew her last night. I swooshed the cards around and said "who wants to talk?" and she was the one I turned over.

I like looking at her. I think it's a beautiful card and I've never felt anything "bad" from it. I have started rituals again so that made sense to me.

But when I read the sentence about predictions my blood went cold. I have been having strange dreams lately and some have come true. The most recent one I had was of a plane crash... now I'm a little scared.

Do you think the Dark Lady is trying to tell me that my dreams truly are prophetic? And if so... what the heck do I do now? :confused:

Rhiannon :)


I have no difficulty with the Dark Lady either. I find her totally compelling - I can't say like because thats far too tepid a word for her strength.

It could be that she is telling you what you are thinking, but more importantly I feel is the challenge not to be afraid, to surrender to what is happening.
"What is hidden is getting ready to be revealed" so its going to happen anyway - might as well go with it, scary as it is. I think thats why so many dislike her - they're scared of what she'll reveal to them.

I'm sure she'll give you the strength and wisdom you need if you work with her.




This is a beautiful card. There is so much strength and comfort to be derived from The Dark Lady.

Like mooncat said, she may or may not be telling you that your dreams are prophetic. This was just one aspect in what the book had to say. However, if that sentence jumped out at you, I wouldn't advise you to ignore it without further consideration.

If she is telling you about prophetic dreams, perhaps you could use your dreams to begin sending healing/love/light/or whatever is appropriate to the situation in your dream. It may or may not change the course of events; however, I believe that in either case the positive energy you send the situation will assist those involved.

Remember that the book said that The Dark Lady is there to assist you, so take advantage of her assistance.



Thanks so much for the advice guys! I think she's trying to tell me to find comfort in ritual and sacred space.

The dreams are so vague. They tell me what the event is, but not where or when or anything... so it's not like I can call the White House and say "Hey, George... you know I had this dream... " or anything like that! LOL All I can do when the dream becomes real is shake my head.

So, upon her urging I have finally built and dedicated my altar. Ritual truly is comforting and seeking peace from the Goddess is about all I can do about the dreams.

Thanks again guys!
Rhiannon :)



Thanks for the update.

So you've built and decicated your altar...Good for you!!! :) And there is great comfort in ritual. When we don't know what else to do, we always have it to sustain us until we are able to detemine the next step.



Fantastic Rhiannon.
To be honest, this card has never, ever come up for me. I'd forgotten about it- oops.
As everyone has said, the faeries will guide you on your way- not leave you to flounder. Sounds like Dark Lady's advice was wise indeed.


Rhianon, just a quick question ... when she came up for you, what aspects of the card drew your attention? I have issues with this card, but I also recognize her wisdom and value, that is why I am curious as to which parts of the card drew you in.


Didn't like the Dark Lady but she's changed my mind :)

I didn't like the Dark Lady when I first saw her, she scared me. I felt like a rabbit looking at a hungry cat--I was ready to bolt.

I like her better as I've gotten to know her over the past several months but she's still sort of dark to me. She typically comes up in readings for people who have psychic and/or magic abilities, except for one love-life reading for a gentleman she respresented his wife, at least from what he felt after my reading (his wife has an olive complexion--hence he felt the Dark Lady represented his wife).


Sorry, Jewel. I forgot to check this for a few days.

Um, the first thing I notice about her is the eyes. And the coloring of her face. The bluish tinge to her skin. And then I notice the smaller woman... she looks sort of egyptian to me, not sure why exactly. I like the card very much. I think it's beautiful. It was just the one line in the book that scared me.

No plane crashes so far.... *fingers crossed* I'll let you know!

R :)


Lightlike, I know what you mean. When I see her the first thing that comes to my mind is revenge and the saying "hell hath no fury like the scorn of a woman" (or however it goes). What I see is her darker side. When I first got the deck I got her in daily card readings pretty regularly (2-3 times a week). I have not seen her in a few months.

Rhiannon, thanks for the reply. Isn't it interesting how we perceive different things when we see the same card? My eyes are immediatly drawn to the crouched figure that looks ready to pounce and bite someones head off *LOL*.