The dead people ... anyone here has the gift of seeing them?


So this is totally off the tarot but I guess it is a form of deviation as these folks tend to carry messeges. Anyone of you here has the eye for seeing the dead? (People who passed on to next reality). What you do with them and what messeges have you gotten?

I don't see them during the day but during my dreams some show up. To some, when they show up, I wake up suddenly from the dream. I'm cranky when I'm waken up so I tend to curse before thinking. I know, bad habit 😊


I don't actually see them. Possibly because that would freak me out, so I might be blocking it. But they do talk to me. If I see them it's usually out of the corner of my eye, or a wisp of smoke. Mostly I just hear them chattering away to me, as though they just got company and haven't had anyone to talk to in years. It's mostly a clairsentient thing for me. I don't actually hear them.


Necromancy is divination by talking with the dead. So yes, this is the appropriate forum.

Most of the time I only "see" outlines or sense presences. I've tried talking to them as a child, but I couldn't hear them respond.

I used to actively seek out spirits and tried different methods to hear them, with EVPs and Tarot being the most successful. Lately we just pass like ships in the night. :)

I am a fan of ghost radar, too. I've had accurate keywords come through during readings and casual use.


A few seconds after post that, a scarf sitting on top of my dresser fell off. :!:


Since I were a child till now, sometimes I could see some creatures, well I think they are ghost or spirits. For example, I saw a white person go to the kitchen in my house but when I went there and check there is nothing or another time I saw a couple at midnight. they went after me but, a sec after that I take a look on my back again, there is no one there and I still hear their voice and their laugh.
Normally most of them just pass by and do no harm to me so I do nothing with them. but for some specific case (like a spirit follow me for a week or two) I would using tarot to ask them what do they want (I believe there is a spirit stay with me and he/she talk to me using tarot so he/she can talk to a following spirit/ghost and tell me through the card).
that is my story and what I think, any other ideas?


When I was doing loads of seances I would often see glimpses of spirits. Sometimes I'd see them standing behind me when looking in the mirror, then they'd disappear straight away leaving me with a 'did I or didn't I?' feeling of whether I actually saw them or not. Seeing spirits is not a gift I particularly want and I'm thankful I haven't seen anything for a few years since ceasing the spirit contact.

I more sense presences than see them and often get the feeling of being watched.

Starri Knytes

I see them and communicate with them in multiple ways. They appear as giant heads, portrait style, head and shoulders. They have an ethereal glow. This type always speaks. More often than not the message is that they are okay now, free of the struggles and pain of their earth bound bodies.

Then there are the opaque "typical ghost" type in hallway and have a tendency to move things around the house, ring bells and the like. When I first moved into this house there was a Native American Indian woman who carried a large pitch or jug. I would see her near my bedroom door at the end of the hall. One night I woke to her standing over me pouring the contents of the jug onto me. That was a little disconcerting. But I love sharing my space with her. This type of spirit doesn't speak. The ones I know, deceased family or friends might smile or nod their head in greeting, but there are never spoken words.

I also communicate or connect with the deceased through tarot bringing messages for clients.
This type often let's themselves be known though scent like cigarette smoke or perfume, and through the images in my crystal ball.

I've also had them come to me in dreams. These are quite insistent. They want me to do something, relay a message or pull some cards.

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Thank you everyone for sharing.

I've never seen one in my house and don't want them here as my house is my sanctuary. I make sure that I bless my house every year.

I've never seem anything move or shapes or fog or from corner of my eye. But I used to get this cold feeling like someone is watching in a house when I first bought it. Now, it only one area in the basement.

What I see are only people who are my relatives and they are usually do stuff in my dream. Their messeges I usually interpret through the dream dictionary or everyone here helps 😊 with interpretation.

The way this guy showed up, he could not enter my house, was because he is blocked.

I've posted the reading in tarot forum. I think this guy was known to me in my past life and feels guilty. Well, it was nice of him to warn me in advance and not believe my former friend. So the messege was useful. 😊


I am a psychic-medium. I have always seen spirits and honestly, when I was a kid, I thought it was a normal thing. It wasn't until I was older that I realized this wasn't so common. I didn't really get a handle on it all till I was much older though and develop the ability to actually control it. This site here, (A.T.) actually helped me with this and it was here that I truly began to develop my ability of specifically bringing through spirits for others. This is how I came to start giving readings for people--bringing through their departed loved ones. However, often times, the spirit themselves will approach me and ask me to pass on messages to their loved ones that all is well with them.

I can see, feel and hear spirits--feel their pains or anything they wish to share. I can talk to them and hear them respond- mostly this is done through telepathy. I can feel them come up and pinch me, kiss me, hug me, etc. I see them in my waking state, but also in my dreams, and while meditating. I have merged with spirits too--having them step into my own body--so that I can 'feel' specific things they wish me to experience--such as how they passed away. I often can smell specific smells for them--like if they wore a certain perfume or smoked cigarettes or cigars or pipes. I have also been able to smell and taste the foods that they most enjoyed eating in life. I can also be where that spirit is wanting me to go, and be able to see, feel and experience where they lived before their death--even in another country/another continent.

I've read for people who live in other countries, bringing through their loved ones who also lived there, such as Australia, England, Germany, Canada and other countries. And, like Starry, sometimes I see spirits with a light around them--sometimes I see them exactly like I would see anyone else--but they are also transparent. And, sometimes I only see a portion of the spirit--their face, usually--sometimes from the neck and shoulders up and sometimes from their waist up.

One time I saw a spirit who had only just barely passed away and they couldn't really materialize in front of me, so all I could see was this cloud like 'mist' hovering in the air by me and a pair of glasses. :laugh: I had a feeling I knew who it was, so I guess she was also doing her best to tell me who she was. This woman spirit was a friend of my sisters and I guess she knew I could pass along information that she was okay. She was much to young to pass away--so at first I was having a difficult time thinking it was her--but then when I spoke to my sister, sure enough, she had just found out that this lady did pass away suddenly.

I try to keep control of it all the time now though, as for awhile there, I was having spirits come to me all the time and waking me up to talk or listen to them. It began to wear me out and so now I make sure I only take on what I can handle. If I'm particularly tired or not feeling well--I will not willingly allow spirits to come through, though it doesn't always stop them from trying to! :laugh: We currently have a house spirit who lives on the 2nd floor--that use to be an apartment till we purchased the house. He died back in the 50s or 60s I think...but anyway, he also must not care too much for my husband. :laugh: He is very quiet when hubby is around--but as soon as hubby is on travel--he begins to act up and I hear him walking around and moving things all the time. He also likes to let our visitors who stay up on the 2nd floor know he is around and has the unfortunate habit of walking into the bathroom when our female guests are in there taking a shower. :rolleyes: (dirty ol' man!). My sister who visits here frequently also is a medium and she is so use to him now though, that she just yells at him to go away. :D

I have always lived in haunted homes--or I should say spirited inhabited homes. Not all spirits are trying to haunt/scare anyone. In fact, that is actually very far and few between, I think. our newest home is the first home that I have yet to really feel or see a spirit in. Not sure why--but I'm sure when we move there for good, some might follow me there. ;)


In dreams, HECK YES, I see and communicate with dead people quite often, and in very great detail. It's usually (but not always) my own loved ones visiting, and I see them not as they were before they died, but younger, larger, more robust and healthy looking. So for instance, in life I only knew my grandmother as a frail, hunched over, gray-haired woman, but when she comes in dreams she is quite tall, chubby, and has a big, dark hairdo. Initially when these types of dreams began, I thought it was just my heart wanting to see them, or my mind playing tricks on me, but I've received such specific messages from them (like where family heirlooms were hidden away in their houses, and one where my grandmother brought me an image of my daughter in a dream before she was born) that I couldn't deny that the visits were actual, real-time encounters.

Sometimes I’ll dream people I didn’t know very well, but they come to me with messages for someone else (example: after a friend of mine’s mother passed away, the mom came to me in a dream and told me to tell her daughter that she knew about her pregnancy and was very excited and proud – also told me it was a boy, which turned out to be accurate). I’ve also had dreams of people I didn’t really know in life. For example, I had a great uncle who lived in Australia that I never met (my grandmother’s brother). I didn’t know anything about him, including what he looked like, and he only spoke Italian, so when the dream initially happened I thought it was just some weird random nonsense dream. A few weeks later, I realized from looking at family pictures who he was. He was pantomiming in the dream, not actually talking, so I had to sort of guess what he was trying to tell me, but he came to me on a seaplane FULL of older people (also who I did not recognize) and was gesturing to them as they all got out of the plane one by one and smiling. I realized later he was letting me know he was happy, at peace, and with our other family members who had passed before him, and that he wanted me to convey this message to his sister (my grandmother).

When I'm awake, this ability is not nearly as sharp. I can usually hear them, but only in murmurs or very quick little sound bites (example: I heard my father in law sing-songing "Hi" to my daughter in her crib over the baby monitor). In many cases, I pick up on smells (cigar/pipe smoke, flowery perfumes, even food smells that "aren't there"). When I do see them, it's usually a quick glimpse and usually just a silhouette, not a full apparition. Every so often I’ll get a hand on the shoulder, and a few pets have come to sit on my lap while I was awake (couldn’t see them, only felt them but KNEW it was them). I also notice that I tend to see/feel/hear them more often when I'm around someone who is fully psychic. For instance, whenever I'm hanging around with a friend of mine who is a medium, I can hear them very clearly and distinctly calling out her name to get her attention.

Sometimes I wish I could see them better and communicate with them more fully when awake, but then I also think it’s probably for the best that I can’t. :)