The Deck that will Remind You


Tabula Mundi. Without AT, I wouldn't have known what Kickstarter is. And how exciting it was, the whole build up of excitement, watching her progress with this brilliant deck, then the Kickstarter, then her updates - until the magical day when I held this deck in my hand.

And without AT, I wouldn't be aware that on Etsy and independent sites, artists publish fantastic decks - thank you for all the wonderful enabling, it was definitely worth it. I came to AT with a tarot collection of under 30, and now I'm scratching 90. And I held my hippogriffs! tightly!


And not just decks! Some of the most memorable times and objects for me was when our
dear talented Mi-Shell was making and offer her gorgeous hand made Shaman Pouches, etc.
i still have and cherish my pouches and drumstick! They are truly one of a kind and so priceless!

Those were some of the most exciting days of AT! Maybe i should start a thread about it....


What deck will remind me of AT the most?

Strictly speaking, all of them.

When I was first curious about Nicoletta Ceccoli's artwork, I bought her tarot deck just to see more, but first I found images on AT.

On the other hand, I laugh to remember how fast I bought myself a copy of the London Lore tarot deck, just because I'd stumbled across a glancing mention of it in a forum discussion here. One search led to another, and the next thing you know, I placed an order. Too funny.

Queen of Disks

The Tarot of the Saints, because when when I was on a Trade Train my cat had to be put down and I said so on the thread and someone (I don't remember who) just sent me the deck. :bugeyed:

The Gilded because I hated it when I first got it and said so but then I started using it and I love it now. :rolleyes:

The Sacred Circle, because I won it in the only contest I ever won here. :royal:


There are a lot of decks that I bought only because I saw them discussed here, They will all remind me.

But decks designed by forum-members, and especially decks gifted to me by their creators here (CiroM and Major Tom, I'm looking at you!) even more so. :)


Granny Jones

(resistance was futile)

Puppet Master

My Archeon this was the first site I went to of this kind and that was my first deck and it's remained my primary deck and my only truly "private" one.


Most of my decks, but the Tyldwick and I would probably not be friends if not for you all and this site.


So so many. But probably most of all the TdM - it was here I met some wonderful people who told and taught me about this unique deck. I'm so grateful for that.

And so sad to know that this will likely be my last post before AT closes today. :(


Any and all of those I've bought over the last few years because I've looked them up on here, or someone has mentioned that fabulous new deck... most notably, Prisma Visions, Ironwing, Tabula Mundi, Bohemian Gothic... so many.