The Dementor Tarot Spread (4) by Glass Owl

Glass Owl

The Dementor Tarot Spread - Based on Harry Potter (4) by Glass Owl.

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(While this is a Harry Potter themed, spread, the layout was inspired by the famous painting, The Scream. It features a man whose hands are resting on the sides of his cheeks, his mouth open in a scream. Note that the 4 cards are placed at angles, creating an almost "V" shape.)

1. Defense Against The Dark Arts Homework
Study hard! This card represents an important lesson or skill to master. If you are able to do so, you'll be stronger and less vulnerable to attack.

2. Cold & Dark - The Dementor Attacks
Sucking the light and happiness from the atmosphere, the dementor glides towards you. It has become dark and extremely cold.

This card represents your hopes and fears as the dementor attacks. As the dementor feeds upon your positive emotions, you relive your darkest fears.

3. Expecto Patronum
The Expecto Patronum charm produces a patronus, which is a spirit guardian in animal form. The patronus acts as a shield, driving the dementor away.

This card represents an aspect of your patronus, such as its personality/nature or the happy memory you use to conjure it.

4. Chocolate Bar
Chocolate is a standard first-aid remedy that helps victims regain their strength after a minor dementor attack. This card represents an "extra" ingredient in your chocolate bar that helps you get back on your feet.