The Devil and the Angel in Sicily


In trying to find out about the Portuguese Pattern of Tarot and its transfer to Japan via the Sailors, I went on a reading journey to Sicily. Forgive me, but it is all about connections in this world of Tarot history( and interesting side issues :D)
There is in Sicily an interesting Easter period play enacted. It is called DIAVOLATA AND ANGELICATA It was formalised into a play from a poem in the 1780's. Prior to that it was in medieval times, what sounds like, a chaotic mix of pagan and Christian ideas about the resurrection. The cast of complete villages involved some main players- Archangel Michael with a trumpet and dead women in coffins, all the Saint's statues from the churches (Saint Gregory the pope was one) A devil and his chained demons, Mary as a rose, A Salvatore with a red cape who is like the magic man, a cupid with his bow and arrow, an inquisition torture wheel, then outside the church a battle takes place. Of course good wins over evil.
Here is a badly translated site, but it shows some pictures of the play now.'Angelicata.
Wow thats a big link- hope it works.
It is very interesting how close the the cast is to Tarot! Enjoy!


Here is a few pictures from Palermo in Medieval times. I cannot bend the spine of the History of Sicily to scan more pertinent images, that look like they came from a Minchiate. There are some interesting ones of Judas hanging upside down (from the Easter plays). One of the Saints pictured is Agatha running from a Norman tower, that is on fire.The Lovers are from the popular uprising called the Sicilian Vespers when offence was committed against a bride on Easter Monday. It has now being incorporated into the play- as has Saint Agatha. I am trying to find out about the original festival where an event called the processions of the Mysteries took place before the battle outside the church. What a mixture of Pagan and Christian beliefs! Mary becomes the Star of the Sky at one stage- as does a curious mix of the virtues- especially Temperance.~Rosanne


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