The Divine Spread


Heyo! I thought it might be fun to show everyone an example reading with the Lomisht now that I have a prototype deck! Below you’ll find a picture of a fully exposed spread. It’s a big post as a warning! I’ll go through each card in the order that they would be revealed, with an example of their reading in context. This is the Divine Spread, which I’ve developed for use with the deck. The deck itself i configured as the Lomisht, rather than a typical Tarot deck here (all suit trumps added, suit of Ground removed), so the readings will reflect this, rather than the typical tarot meanings.

The spread is one that I’m still developing, so for anyone waiting on the companion book to the deck, there might be changes made between now and the release. I pulled these cards at random, and have written the reading as I would make one. It’s a good example of how cards later in a reading can make you rethink and revisit ones that you’ve already gone over. Enjoy!


1: The significator

This card was not randomly chosen, but selected to represent the querent, the subject that the reading is addressing. It is the center card shown.I have chosen the Princet of Fire. They represent someone in the realm of physical action, and new to the situation at hand. The significator can be chosen for the person based on either their personality, current situation in life, or nature of their question.

2: The Present

This card represents the immediate situation surrounding the querent. It partially covers the significator card. It is the ten of Water. Although inverted, I do not read Lesser Illumination cards differently whether upright or not. The ten of Water represents a windfall or gift. In context, the gift may be either straightforward, or something less concrete, such as emotional support or sage advice.

3: The Past

This card represents the immediate past, It is the card just to the left of the significator. Here, we see Reku. They are the luminary of the suit of fire, and when encountered in a reading, bear special relation to other cards of the same suit. Inverted, they represent a show of force. In this context, it’s clear that the querent themselves was recently in a situation where they displayed a show of force, themself.

4: The Future

This card represents the immediate future. It is just to the right of the significator. We see the Vizier of Fire in this position. Given that the querent is represented by the Princet of Fire, this card could be read in two ways. This could represent either another person acting within the influence of physical action (perhaps the one they made a show of force to?), or the querent themself. If it represents the querent, the higher status of the Vizier implies that current events are causing them to grow in experience. This might also point toward growth as a result of good advice taken.

5: The Adversary

This card represents forces working against the bests interests of the querent. It is the partially covered card in the upper left. Here, we find The Star taking the position. Upright, The Star represents emotional inspiration and hope. It’s an unusual place to see this card, and its context will likely be made more clear as the reading continues.

6: Adversarial Influence

This card serves to contextualize The Adversary and its relation to the querent. It is the card partially covering The Adversary. Its position is taken by the inverted Slumber. Inverted, it represents creative stagnation and loss of connection to one’s spiritual self. Although this might seem directly contradictory to The Star in the place of The Adversary, but it shows us that the forces working against the querent are mostly likely conflicting inspirations. In the face of multiple paths of expression, it can become easy to let yourself be overwhelmed and make no choice at all.

7: The Benefactor

The Benefactor is a counterpoint to The Adversary, and shows us the forces working in the best interests of the querent. It is the partially covered card in the upper right. In this position we find the two of Water. The suit of Water governs emotions and inner action, and the two of Water represents emotional commitment. It seems that it’s in the querent’s best interests to allow others with whom they are emotionally close influence in their life right now.



8: Beneficent Influence

Cards in this position give us insight into the context in which The Benefactor affects the querent. It is the card partially covering The Benefactor. The position is filled by Lofsing in this reading. The card is in complete alignment with The Benefactor, as Lofsing represents safety and protection offered by others. At this point, I would question whether the Vizier of Fire represents some sort of opponent with whom there’s significant conflict in the life of the querent currently.

9: Desires and Fears

This card represents both the desires of the querent and their fears. It is the first card on the left in the bottom row. There may be significant overlap here, as we fear the things we desire being kept from us. In this position we see the two of Wind. This card represents intellectual disorganization and the need for planning. It seems like this is a clear reference to The Adversary positions within this reading. It is good that the querent is aware of potential problems in their life, but they should take care that fear be a tool of warning, rather than a force pushing toward panicked decision. Remember the significance of emotional supporters, highlighted earlier in this reading.

10: Family Influence

Family influence represents thoughts and concerns not only of blood relatives, but those who the querent is close to. It is the second card in the bottom row. The six of Wind is in this spot. It represents preparation or foresight. The clear message here is that advice from friends seems to be to take stock of the situation while moving forward, which is supported both by the ten of Water in the position of The Present (contextually this seems to mean a gift of advice) and the cards in the position of The Benefactor.

11: Focus

Focus represents the querent inner thoughts and feelings regarding the overall situation. It is the third card in the bottom row. These may be explicit concerns, undercurrents of emotion, or simply observations. This position is taken by The Lovers. In this position, The Lovers recontextualizes the entire spread. I’ve been interpreting the situation as a conflict between enemies, while it is more likely a caring interaction between the querent and someone with whom they are emotionally close. The story being told seems to be an ongoing encounter in which querent and their emotional connection are growing in relation to one another, emphasized by the progression of the Princet of Fire to the Vizier.

12: Final Outcome

This card represents the culmination of events described in this reading. It is the last card in the bottom row. Here we see the nine of Fire. In this context, it means responsibilities taken up. This spread as a whole seems to describe a situation with someone the querent is emotionally intimate with and the maturation of the relationship that there share. This last card in particular gives a sense of growth and a positive conclusion.