The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot-Ever!! Exercise 2 - Me & You


(for those of you with the book, this starts on page 19)

So my reading of this is the point of this exercise is to get you comfortable with the cards and not be afraid of them, so you pull two MINOR ARCANA cards and quickly interpret each at face value.

The clincher is the first card you say, "this is what happens to me," and the second, "this is what happens to you." The idea behind it is to get beyond things that we fear for ourselves in readings, or what we may be afraid to tell others, as I take it.

So it's just a round robin: you pull two cards. Then the next person does the same.

I'll start:

This is what happens to me: FIVE OF SWORDS

I won the weapons auction!

This is what happens to you: KNIGHT OF CUPS

You won the wine-tasting!


This is what happens to me: 3 OF CUPS

I did win the wine tasting!!! But my friends came in 2nd and 3rd!

This is what happens to you: 10 OF WANDS

That poor person who won your weapons auction is having a hard time carrying them all home!


What happens to me: SIX OF CUPS

I met an old friend at the reunion.

what happens to you: SIX OF WANDS

You were voted prom king. Again.

Pam O

Me - 7 of Wands : I've got competition at work.

You - 3 of Cups: You've got a party and you are playing.


What happens to me: 7 OF CUPS

I had some really interesting daydreams today!

What happens to you: 3 OF WANDS

You're waiting for your package from Amazon to arrive!


Me: King of Wands.

I'm the King for a Shakespeare in the Park production.

You: King of Swords.

You're the Godfather. A real one.


LOL! Good one!


Me: five of swords.

I won the fencing contest, but had to clean up because you guys were sore losers.

You: five of cups.

You didn't do as bad as you thought you did on the bartending exam.


What happens to me: 9 OF WANDS
I think I finally scared them away!

What happens to you: 6 OF SWORDS
You took a cruise but you got seasick

Pam O

What happens to me: Ace of wands.
My decision is right on.

What happens to you: Lovers
You are radiantly glowing!