The Elvis Deck...


I just spotted references to this idea from the "Firelite Fortune Teller" post in at least FIVE other posts, so I thought it finally deserved a space of its own!

First, I must give credit to tarotbear for starting the post that went off on this tangent which now seems to be taking over the forum.

Second, I must give even more credit to Rhiannon for coming up with the idea.

Third, while my nickname may suggest otherwise, I am not an Elvis fanatic. (its just a nickname given me by a friend's 12-year old brother ;) )

Anyway, I thought the Elvis Deck idea had a lot of potential. What do you think should be on the various cards? My bid for the Devil is Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis' manager.

tarotbear, I also want to say that I agree with the correction you made to my black-velvet-on-the-backs-of-the-cards idea. Blue suede IS a much better choice! ;P




Ah, the infamous Blue Suede Elvis Tarot Deck. Officially endorsed by the Holy Church of Elvis and blessed by the High Priestess thereof! (she is a hunka hunka burnin' love, baby!)

As I've said before: my suggestions are Priscilla as the Empress and Michael Jackson & Lisa as the Lovers.

OH Mama! I'm dancing to the jail house rock...

Rhiannon :p


How about Ed Sullivan as the Hierophant?


Landlady ring my front door bell,
I let it ring for a long long spell,
Went to the window, peeped through the blind,
Said, "Pray tell me, what's on your mind."
She said:
"Money, honey. If you wanna get along with me . . ."
Well, I screamed and I hollered,
I was so hard pressed,
Tried to call the lady that I loved best,
Finally got my baby 'bout half past three,
She said:
"I'd like to know what you want with me?"
I said, "Money, honey . . ."

But the landlady outta be in that deck somewhere . . .



I think there should be at least one card for Tom Jones , because I used to listen to both him and Elvis when I was about 10 yrs old! ;) ;P ;P .