The Enchanted Map: 30 Making A Choice

ana luisa

Just adding to those who are already working with the Enchanted Oracle. for four consecutive times, I got the card "Making a Choice" referring to multiple choice tests. For people who are studying, this may prove helpful when figuring out what type of exam will be presented. For those who don't, unlike the picture that shows only two possible options, many will be presented but only ONE will be appropriate. A bit more stressful but helpful as well... AND if you really want to go all out, think about the way they organize MC questions, there is always :

one answer that is completely wrong
one answer that is "completely" right (is this possible ?)
one answer that is partly right (may solve part of the problem)
one answer that might be right but it's not mentioned in the text (so, solutions that could work but not in this particular context)


This card to me looks like to have some things on the sky is upside down... (the clouds and the blue sky), ever the green plants, to me, seems upside down... do you see it to? How can I interpreted this?