The Esoteric Tarot (from Oswald Wirth's drawings)


Hello to you all,

The Esoteric Tarot is now complete.

Created from the original drawings by Oswald Wirth, and following his theories,
the twenty two arcanas of the eroteric tarot is a symbolic deck.
Chromatically coloured, the cards may be placed in un very nice circle,
as Oswald Wirth did in his Tarot des imagiers du Moyen Âge.
This tarot comes with a french booklet and an astrological reminder cardboard.

These two articles explain some of the ideas
that have been used in this Tarot (in french only).

1) Origins of the Oswald Wirth symbols:

2) About colouring an esoteric tarot:

The artisanal edition of the Esoteric Tarot is now here
(you can click on the pictures for more views):

Have a nice day.



Looks very well done. Congratulations!