The Faeries As Sims! lol


I was playing the Sims 2 and I found a head that had elf ears so I put that on all my characters and make them faeries! lol I didn't know what to name and I was going to name them after my Fairytopia barbies but the deck was calling to me and I think the faeries think it is quite fun b/c everytime I look through them for a name one just seems to pop out at me!

Here are my family members:
Losgunna Ekstasis (Mom)
Sylvanius Ekstasis (Dad)

Children (In Order from oldest to youngest)

Sage Ekstasis (Son/Adult)
Laiste Ekstasis (Daughter/Adult)
Tobaira Ekstasis (Daughter/Toddler)
Solus Ekstasis (Son/Toddler)
Bodach Ekstasis (Son/New Born)

Oh and when Laiste was a child she wore a ballerina costume with fairy wings lol, when I created the family it was just Sylvanius, Losgunna, Sage and Laiste, Sage and Laiste have grown up and moved out and they have 3 littles ones now, I'm planning on them having more lol


What a great idea!


I'm a simmer. :p I have never made them into other things yet. I've been debating.


that's such a good idea!

my laptop was wiped, and i haven't had the heart to reload the sims 2 (i had a lovely family).

but i may just give the elf ears a go!