The Faeries' Oracle (Froud) - Least Favorite Card


In continuance of our study group (and to save Jewel some work ;) ) I'll go ahead and post first on the card that makes me the most uncomfortable:

He is The Bodacious Bodach! #59

Q#1: Emotional Atmosphere: To me this card felt dark, hostile and spooky.

Q#2: Physical Manifestation: Fear. Fear of the dark or the unknown. Chaos.

Q#3: Symbols: He's creeping along. Reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings or the Toad from Xmen.

Q#4: Spiritual Characteristics: being aware of your surroundings, maybe?

Q#5: Least appealing: General creepiness. Facial expression. Looks like he's about ready to pounce!

Q#6: Anything you like: The card is well-drawn anyway.

Q#7: Other ideas or impressions: Things that go bump in the night.

Of course all of the above impressions were without the benefit of looking him up in the back of the book. Once I did so I was a bit surprised at what I found. He's basically about disorganization! His keywords are: Meddling, Tampering, Sabotage, "Helpful fixing" and Order.

The most interesting thing is that I drew all my cards a few days before I was fired from my job and at the time those were the EXACT things I was afraid were happening! :D

Rhiannon :)


re: least favourite

most un appealing was 19 - the sage.

emotion: deception, mis he's hiding something from me. He's just..shifty looking. dont trust him at all.

physical: hidden thoughts, gaurded, wisdom, (old age),

symbols: nature, integral part of him. wisdom - connection the earth, spirits, animals - nature.

spiritual: he doesnt seem to be trustworthy...deceptive. To me, he seemed completely un accessible, i couldnt see what he was thinking, or feeling, he was hiding it all..and that i didnt like.

un appeal: no feel for it...what i noted was "so much he knows and feels, but its all in his head". i think it might've been...being scared? i didnt know what he'd do...

appeal: wanting to find out what's there...

again, these were without looking up in the book....after looking in the back i dont think what i didnt like related to the card much at all, but more to do with *me* and my reaction to one aspect of him, which is hidden knowlodge.

i guess im too used to being able to know someones feelings, thoughts and energy easily. *shrugs*


least favourite card

The Soul Shrinker

Emotional - Depressed, frightened - he's a bogeyman, the
monster under the bed. I shall call him Fear.

Physical - I feel cold - he has a good name - I can feel myself
shrinking away from him.

Mental - Mean, nasty thoughts. Nothing good to say about

Symbols - His teeth - they"ll bite - it hurts. His eyes - see
no goodness, No love and light.

Spiritual - A shadow creature, grey and sneaky. Something
inside myself I don't want to face - something I

Unappealing - Everything about it. Nothing appealing at all.

These were my first impressions on the day I received my cards. Before looking at the book I felt that it represented my own fear that all the bad things in the world might one day overcome the good.
Now I've looked and I feel so mean - I've just been found guilty of doing the very thing that makes this poor creature so ugly. Shame on me!!!!! And I no longer fear him - I just feel so sad and sorry for him.


mooncat2: I know how you feel. This wasn't a card that I disliked very much, but after reading his story I cetainly felt compassion towards him. Poor thing. I always tried to be careful of what I said about others before (I believe in Karmic law), but now I'll be even more careful! I don't want to contribute to Soul Shrinker's pain!

Hush: Interesting take on the Sage card. I can see how you would feel put off by his keeping knowledge from you. Hmmmm. I got him for my Universal Message card. He was my third choice for favorite too. Can't wait to see your reaction to my post in the "Universal Card" thread when we do that one! ;)

Rhiannon :)


About the Soul Shrinker

He was the first card I drew for my daily draws *LOL*. I had already read the whole book by then, had just finished it the night before so I did have an idea about the card meant. What was interesting though is that it also made me more aware of my behavior and gave me a desire to be better person. In addition, as I writing everything down in my journal, when I flipped the page I accidentally skipped a page, so now I have 2 blank pages inbetween my description. I asked the Soul Shrinker if he had done that, he smiled and let me know that I was to draw him, or do a collage or something in that space, something that would make him beautiful ... he is quite a wonderful little guy actually. I promised him I would. I tried to draw him but neither of us liked the rendition *LOL*. I going to make a collage for him next week :).


The Dark Lady

Well I immediately disliked the Dark Lady. There were not even any contendors to quable over *LOL*. This is what I wrote at the time (before reading the book):

1. The emotional atmosphere of the card is vindictive.

2. The physical manifestation of this card in someone's life could be the same attitude presented in the card, defiance, and defensiveness. The aspect of life this card symbolizes to me is that of the ego. A bruised ego.

3. The mental characteristics of the card are represented in her eyes, posture and general attitude.

4. The spiritual characteristics of the card are evil and defiant. Consumed with negativity.

5. What I find most uncomfortable about this card is the conviction of the Dark Lady. Her mind is made up to be hateful and there is no swaying her.

6. What I find most appealing about this card are her wings (maybe she will fly away!) and the half moon on her forehead.

7. Another observation ... this card reminds me of the saying "hell hath no fury like the scorn of a woman."

Obviously the Dark Lady was not at all pleased by my description of her *LOL*. Since, she has appeared in my daily card readings once per week to make me look deeper. We are slowly getting to know each other, but our relationship is tenuos at best. I am starting to see positive things (and I really am trying), and I am sure I will see her as a daily card this week as well so I will have another chance to spend some time with her *LOL*.


The Soul Shrinker

1.) The atmosphere of the soul shrinker seems gloomy to me.
2.) Just by the title alone of the card I thought it might mean bad things happening.
3.) The mental characteristics of the card seem confusing.
4.) The spiritual characteristics of the soul shrinker seem to be of awareness.
5.) The thing I find most uncomfortable about this card is the way the soul shrinker looks. I think he looks scary.
6.) There is nothing I find appealing about the card.
7.) My impression of the card is one of fear. Something frightens me when I look at this card.

After reading about the soul shrinker I didn't feel scared of him anymore but felt sorry for him. I learned that is is us who make him ugly by talking badly about one another. It made me more aware of my own words and how I express them. I don't think he is scary anymore.


hi. interesting... the Soul Shrinker was the first card I drew from this deck! (and, to date, the only card... since it's only been a day.) ... and I have to say, I was a little afraid of what he might mean, so I looked him up right away, and now I feel compassion towards him... so, I cannot say he is my least appealing card! I actually like him!

so... after spreading out my cards on the floor, I made 6 piles... grouping all the cards that didn't appeal to me, or gave me a disturbing feeling into one of those piles. although there weren't many in this pile... I've narrowed it down to three.... and I'm having trouble picking my least favorite, cause I can see good in all of them...

BUT, if I have to make a choice... then it is... Mikle a Muckle (the other two were the Bodacous Bodach, for reasons already stated; and Luathas the Wild, he looks totally insane, which I find rather disturbing...)

Mikle a Muckle is the winner for least favorite... I just don't really like the way he looks -- okay, this may be insulting, but this is the only way I can describe him... he looks like an evil teenage redneck, with his buck teeth, red nose and squinty eyes. I don't like the look on his face (or his flabby, fleshy belly)... he looks like trouble... and mischevious, not in a good way...


The card that made me feel the most uncomfortable was the Dark Lady.

I dont really want to go through the questions and what I put down. But really what made me feel uncomfortable was her eyes. Those eyes felt like they were stairing straight into me. And just by looking at it I felt as though it was dark and not really nice. But that is just my opinion.


Spasticgirlie said:
what made me feel uncomfortable was her eyes.

I totally agree with you. It is the expression in her eyes that made me find her so full of hate. I am still having issues coming to terms with that card.