The Faery cards you never get


I've been working with my Fae deck for months and months and months. MANY times I see the same cards reappearing, either in a row of days, or in a time period when they keep popping up again.

Still, there are a goodly number of cards I've NEVER drawn, and many more that have only showed up once.

I never see the Undressing of a Salad around. The Green Woman stays hidden from me. She's never popped up.

The Sage came by ONE day. Ever. Laiste, that purty girl, is often absent. The Collection of Pixies ... very rare. Arval Parrot showed up once, ever. Glominous Doom came up in one reading, but other than that I've never seen him around.

What Faeries *don't* you draw?

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Humm, I wonder if like me that none is wanting to really reply to this thinking they may just get the cards they would rather not?

But still to answer, I will say there is several that I never draw. I believe all of the cards have positive influences for us, even the ones that we perceive to be most negative. However, the cards that have been stay away cards in my drawings have been largely these very ones. I tend to think that unless there is a strong need for their messages to be had, the ones that we don't want to deal with, have decided to take a back seat until way down the line to a time that we aren't heartsunk that we've drawn them. I have read about them all now and have been preparing myself to draw whatever. OH! I have seen cards drawn for reading for others that I have never drawn for myself readings. Both good and bad considered cards.

You said you don't draw The Green Lady much, I did first time for myself today.

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Give exercises a try

Hi Alissa!

I have a suggestion for you that worked for me and is very fun! I just finished doing the exercise that Yaboot gave. Its the thread "Weird 'pick a pard' reading". It isn't about doing a reading exchange, which I think may thought it to be, I did. Read the thread, I did six and then hovered pick their matches for the total of twelve. Why I am saying try this, is many of mine were cards I have only looked at and read about, but never had to show up in a reading.

Back to wondering and questioning, "the cards that never show up", I guess I find this very comforting. I believe it just goes to show this isn't a matter of without cause or reasoning, but shows the validity of the cards. We just aren't going to be drawing cards that aren't happening in our life. Whereas doing exercises like this one helps to pull out these no shows to us, as they aren't answering us on a question, but general about themselves.


I don't think I've ever drawn Death or the Green Woman.