The Faery Grandmother - my first draw/exercise


The Faery Godmother - my first draw/exercise

Greetings everyone!

I just received my Faery Oracle today and jumped straight into it! :)

I did the first exercises from the book with my most favourite and least favourite card. For the most favourite I chose the Faery Godmother, my least favourite choice was The Soul Shrinker.

After pondering on them cards and answerin the questions from the book, I did the next exercise by putting the two cards randomly back into the staple, dividing the whole pack and laying them out again.

Guess who I have drawn AGAIN?!!

The Faery Godmother!! :D

Jessica Macbeth states that this would be the "message from the Universe", while my favourite card would represent what I want to create or achive in my life. So, would this mean that my personal "longing" are "in line" with the "Universal Message"?

This is soooooooo fascinating and way cool (if I dare say so!).

Have you experienced such a thing before? I haven't read up yet the interpretations the books give on those cards, so I am not sure what they have to say about the Faery Godmother and The Soul Shrinker.

I would like to learn this oracle from a more intuitive point of view and approach...



indeed, helruna, the faeries would like you to learn about them in a more intuitive way!

there are two threads on this forum to post your answers to the most and least favorite exercises... and the book specifically recommends that you _don't_ look up the definitions and associations others have made with your cards. discover how you feel first.

(i'm still in the middle of this exercise, so i can't tell you what comes next... but i'm sure it will be most illuminating. :) )



Yup, I have seen the note that you should not rely on the interpretation of others. That's why I didn't look them up when doing this exercise. :)

I think it was neat that my "most favourite" card showed up twice.

I have seen at least one of the threads you refer to here. I just thought that this what a kind of interesting experience so the "single" thread.

I will go and check out the others as well. :)

Yeah, I think too that the Faery Oracle and its "lessons" are very interesting and illuminating.



oh my gosh! i'm so sorry! *slaps forehead*

somehow i read and comprehended your message so poorly as to have missed that little detail... i think a faery was holding his mischeivous little hand over a couple sentences... :D so yeah, i think that's awesome that your deepest desires are just what the universe wants for you! i hope that will make your road just a touch easier. :) have you decided what it is about the faery godmother that you and the universe so deeply desire for you/rself? i confess that's been a toughie for me... i can see some of the meanings in my fave card, but what it is i'm grasping at is a little darker.


Hi Helruna,

Welcome to Faeryland! And wow! I don't think thats happened to anyone else - the same card.

The Faery Godmother - she makes wishes come true, doesn't she.Maybe you are indeed working in unity with the Universe and receiving that little bit extra help at present . Thats wonderful!



It's Happened to Me!!

Hi Helruna,

Congrats... except I don't feel special anymore! *whines*

My favorite and my universal were both Iris of the Rainbows...
(and I did the universal correctly)
My least favorite was also Soul Shrinker but I love him now.



Well, I don't think Soul Shrinker will be my least favourite forever. I just had to make a decision, and at that time, he was the "one". Also, I couldn't really believe I should be the "only one" who has such a draw of the same card showing up in this exercise...

I had another "funny" experience yesterday with my Faery Oracle. I do a draw in the morning to get a glimpse at the "perspective" of the day, and in the evening like a retroperspective to check what I might have learned or not learned. It is something that I wanted to try and see how it works, if at all for me.

Yesterday, I picked the Faery Godmother for the morning, and the Faery Godmother reversed in the evening. For some reason though, she did not seem to be of any "negative" meaning, also she was reversed. It was more or less feeling like a "complete" circle. Especially with the little arc of stars the image was very vivid of a cycle begun and ended... :) OK, I am getting silly now, I guess. However, I meditated about the card, and there was no negative "feedback". This card really seems to be of some importance in my life when it comes up four times in one week (most favourite, Universal, morning & evening).

I will see how this develops. It sure is exciting!


Little Baron

My First Daily Draw

Eager to try this deck out for a daily draw; this morning, I pulled ...

G. Hobyah *61

I have still not looked at any of the meanings of the cards through section two of Jessica McBeth's book and even though my responses to cards drawn already were different to what other readers here interpreted, they did feel right to me when I went back and looked at the card - even though I could understand what other feelings and ideas other people had gotten from the faeries.

However, this card leaves me feeling just a bit 'stagnent'. He was so close to being my least favourite, and now that he is staring out to me as I type, I am wondering why he wasn't.
Is it just his eyes that make me uncomfortable? The representations of 'The Devil' in some standard tarot decks have a posture like this; the same kind of stance, the same way of standing, how his legs get thinner and smaller towards the bottom - does he have feet or those of an animal?

Since I do not know all of the faeries yet, I am trying not to judge them on the way that they look and whether they are ugly or not. This guy does look threatening but maybe this stance is set out to get my attention and warn me about something. Maybe it is the best way that he knows of getting my attention. Maybe it is the only way that he knows. There is something very creative (or artistic) about his long and winding fingers.
I have been reading everybodies responses in the forum to their least favourite card and it is interesting how initially, people choose the 'Soul Shrinker' and then later, feel sorry for his plight and begin to care for him. I have neither read up on him or G.Hobyah, so at this point, I will try not to fear the latter either and treat this warning and needing to be aware as a possitive message.

There is deffinitely something in the arm gesture - the framing of the face, the protecting and covering of himself and the raising of the fingers to the heavens. I am also intreaged by the pulsating white light forming a third eye below his forehead. Does any other readers have ideas about these features? Have any other readers got to know him well? What did he say to you?

*I am probably so off track of the book meaning of this card* lol

Love and light to you all




I had exactly the same favorite and least favorite cards as you. But my universal card was Lady of the Harvest.


It is interesting how many of us picked the Soul Shrinker as our least favorite, but now do not dislike him but rather embrace him. I'm one of those folks. ;) But he was bringing me a powerful message that I have and will continue to work on and remember.



Re: My First Daily Draw

Yaboot001 said:
There is deffinitely something in the arm gesture - the framing of the face, the protecting and covering of himself and the raising of the fingers to the heavens. I am also intreaged by the pulsating white light forming a third eye below his forehead. Does any other readers have ideas about these features? Have any other readers got to know him well? What did he say to you?

*I am probably so off track of the book meaning of this card* lol

Hi Yaboot! I am not sure if you are off track from the book or not, but the important thing is the message the faeries have for you. My experience with this deck so far has been one of having similarities to the book, but receiving my own message. I believe the faeries have something for us all and will be different message (with very similar undercurrent) based on where we are and what we need to learn and/or experience. In other words, you are right on!

I have worked a little with G. Hobyah, although it has been a while. Looking back at my journal I noted that the atmosphere of the card was unsettled, and it conveyed moodiness to me. There is a restlessness, and of being overwhelmed, frustrated. I did find him cute in a wild sort of way ... that was what I both liked and disliked about the card *LOL*. I think your description captured it very well ... sort of like he is playing the boogey man *LOL*.

The particular day I drew him I was a little frustrated and frazzled. I had had to take some work home for the weekend and it was one of those work assignments that I just did not want to do. On the bright side I did focus and got it done in half the time I thought it would take. Perhaps his posture and frazzledness represented me and my state of mind, where the light you observed in the third eye was what guided me to complete the task at hand and be able to look back and realize how I was over reacting ... just a possiblity. Does this make any sense?

Herluna! Welcome to the group! I just drew the Fairy Godmother today as my daily card :) ... but I think she is trying to tell me to quit hiding in her cloak like a little imp and focus on what I need to do and then reap the rewards *LOL*.