The Fairies are finally here !!!

Shadow Wolf

I was out sick from work yesterday and today, I have caught the same bug my 9 yr old brought home from school. He very kindly passed it along to my husband and myself..........Hubby knew just how rotten I felt when he decided that we go out for dinner and I declined from under my warm quilt in my soft comfy bed.


Anyway, I was feeling much better today and decide to get out of the house for awhile. I took myself to Barnes and Noble, and while I was there I thought I check up the status of my F.O.

There it was on shelf, with my last name wrapped around it.
I've put them into the bag I had set aside for them, I told them that if they didn't like this particular bag that they should throw it on the floor or in some other way indicate that they didn't like it.
They seemed to go into it quite easily.

As I was placing them in their new home two card flew out of the deck and onto the floor.

Ffaff the ffooter and
Epona's wild daughter

I couldn't resist reading what Brian Froud wrote about the meanings of these cards, I've yet to study the cards on my own.
Don't have much time now, however, I'm heading out the door to
pick up the kiddies from school, but I take them me, just to get used to them.

Am I rambling................I'm just sooooooooooo excited about having the fairies finally living with me !!!!

They are really awesome houseguests !!!!


Shadow Wolf....

oh...sorry about the nasty bug...
But YAY!

It sounds like you and your faeries are going to get along simply wonderfully!

I felt pretty excited when they came into my life too...and it always seems to be just when you really need them, doesn't it?

And aren't the cards gorgeous?

Glad to hear you finally have them...poking thier heads and limbs into everything!

Have fun!


Excellent! Those faeries will make getting well a whole lot faster and easier!

Shadow Wolf

I didn't really think about it that way, that they come into your life when you need them. Then I did the first 2 exercises in the book and I chose the Faery Godmother as my most appealing card and The Sage as the most unappealing card.

Then I read a little further and found out that the card you picked as most appealing was what you wanted or needed to create in your life..........

I couldn't believe it !!!!!!

I see the Faery Godmother as someone wise and compassionate
there's a knowing in her eyes. A knowing that only comes from
growing old gracefully. Something that I didn't think I'd have a problem with but it seems like I'm having major problems with it.

(I'll be 46 in May and now need to wear support hose and need my reading glasses to read anything, and it really ticks me off most of the time !! I guess I just don't think of myself as growing
older. All in all -- it scares the be-geebers out of me)

The card I chose as least appealing was the Sage. To me the
opposite of the Faery Godmother. Intellect and wisdom without the compassion and empathy. I think this is what I fear becoming. I'm not sure if I'm afraid of so much power or if I lack the confidence to really know that I possess such power, or maybe I just don't want to know I possess such power !!

I have decided to let her be my guide, she seems to want to.
I have lessons to learn from both, but I think by concentrating on her lessons first, I'll be better able to face his lessons..........
And maybe, just maybe, if I learn her lessons well enough, learning his lessons won't be necessary.

These two cards really brought these issues into much clearer focus and I didn't even need my reading glasses to see it !!!

The Faeries are in my house less than one day and they are already busy at work, forcing me to address issues I'd only been hedging around instead of facing headon. They certainly are a
no-nonsense bunch when they have work to do !!!!!!

All this and I've only completed 2 of the exercises !!!!

Well time for bed now gotta' get up early !!! I'm sure I'll be dreaming of Faeries !!!!


Shadow Wolf said:
Then I read a little further and found out that the card you picked as most appealing was what you wanted or needed to create in your life..........

I couldn't believe it !!!!!!
(Alissa nods slowly) Now she's gettin it ....... :D

I have often said these cards are like mirrors - they reflect what is already in us, but we had yet to see. Their wisdom is unique due to it.

I wish you and your Faerie Godmother the very best ... She was my daily card today and is *dear* to my heart as a Guide as well.

And, btw, oh my goodness ... jumpers already! These cards do that, they get wiggly on you. There are a lot of threads from about a year ago about "leapers" you may wanna search. ;)

many blessings to you and your wee Ones



on your faeries arriving, and what goodnesses!

I completely agree with my sister Alissa about the fae being mirrors into yourself in a very different, but unique, and gentle way.

I wish you a fast recovery from your cold, but perhaps in some way, it was meant to be, in order for you to slow down, and pick up the faeries, relax, and spend a bit of personal time with them before you had to rush back into your daily busy schedule.

I adore the faery Godmother as well, who doesn't love her? She's so gracious, beautiful, wise, and forgiving, unconditional acceptance. Everyone needs a faery godmother in their life!

The sage eh? wow, he's always been one of my more favored cards. I believe him to know of both the earthly world and the spiritual world, as he has an eye in each one (hence the blind eye, so he's told me). He doesn't proclaim to understand each, only that he knows each world. He's come to some understandings of both, and related them into earthly seasons, that somehow conicide with the spiritual realm. How exactly this is done, I'm not sure, but he says it is so. It is his way of balancing both realms as one. Perhaps you don't approve of balancing opposites in your life, or if there are opposites, perhaps you have a hard time intermixing the two together? I see him as a wise teacher, but one that is a little "cracked up" in the head. He's the pragmatic problem solver, story teller, and yet he's intense. I find him to be very much like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings really. So to me, he's always been the grandpa I wanted or wished for, but never had. To me, he would be the GodMother's husband, or match in any case. Opposites in some ways, but yet, a perfect coupling. Just some food for thought for ya Shadow.

Please share more of your fae with us, as we all enjoy reading of each other's faeries.

Shadow Wolf

Faeries on a roll

Are they making up for lost time or what ?????

When I was putting the cards into their new home Ffaff the ffooter and Epona's Wild Daughter jumped out.

Well, as if trying to figure out what the Faery Godmother and the
Sage are trying to tell me. (It's all starting to sink in, btw. I think
I was beyond ready for their revelations and it just took the slightest nudge to start the wheels turning. I'm even grudgingly
seeing the Sage's side of things. He is quite eloquent.....

Anyway, Dorcha fell out and when I read about her she asked me it there was something in my life that I was hiding from , something that I didn't want to face, and then I pulled the
Faery Godmother and the Sage and it was all so clear. (duh !! slaps forehead)

Today Ffaff the ffooter infformed me of my improper ffootwear.
He said and I quote "How can you be properly grounded when your ffeet keep ffloping around so ffreely in your improper ffootwear !!!! "

He was quite insistant that I discard the offending ffootwear as soon as possible, and purchase proper ffootwear, "After all", he continued, how could I be properly grounded, when I couldn't even stand up or walk around properly !!!"

And even though he sounded indignant that I would even consider wearing such offending ffootwear, he made me laugh.

So.......The afforesaid offending ffootwear is now in the trash and I will go out tomorrow and buy proper ffotwear. (I'll bring Ffaff the Ffooter with me to approve the purchase !!!)

I must admit, FFaff was quite right, but I'm guessing the Fae usually are !!!

They sure are keeping me hopping !!!!


claps her hands and giggles, oh I just love it. Flaff is a little quacky like that with people sometimes. He's persuaded me to get a pedicure done before (believe me, he didn't have to twist my arm too badly...LOL).

I'm so glad to hear that you and your fae are getting along and communicating so well together. Keep posting please, I love to hear about them!

Shadow Wolf

I think before they even came to live with me they had all this planned. I can hear it now, (they are giggling hysterically as I write this)

"Here's the plan ", whispers ffaff the ffooter, "I'll hit her low, and the rest of you can just have a free-for-all and hit her wherever you want !!!"

Last night in the bathtub, I saw a little face peeking out a me from my bubbles. I couldn't quite place who it was, as soon I got
out I started flipping through my F.O.

It was Indi, poor indecisive Indi, reminding me that I had important decisions to make, decisions that I have putting off,and just like Indi, I was going back and forth so much that I was making myself dizzy....................................................................

I know I have seen too much and heard too much to ever go back the way I've come, but I've been terrified of what will happen if I embrace this new path.

After this I laid all the cards out flat on the bed and do the third
exercise, I choose the card my hands seem drawn to.

I chose "Himself". He is the universes message for me.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I've been afraid of using my own
personal power, and drawing "Himself" the universe is telling me that it's O.K. to go ahead and follow my chosen path as long as I learn how channel my power, that this is something I will learn as I walk my new path. It's a natrual progression.

But I have to make a move one way the t'other as they say !!!
I know there's no going back, and I see "Himself"
smiling at me and patting me sympathically on the back and Ffaff the FFooter is after me please make my new ffootwear red if possible. It occured to me just now, ( and I know this is their influence). Ffaff was upset with my ffootwear because soon I'll be walking my path again and just wants me to take proper care of my feet, since unlike the fairies I must use my feet to walk on.

I promised him that if , indeed, they sell red "old lady shoes" I would purchase a pair, it'll at least make the walk and interesting one and remind me that my shoes are indeed meant for walking,
not for twirling round and round in indecisive circles !!!!


Shadow Wolf said:
Ffaff was upset with my ffootwear because soon I'll be walking my path again and just wants me to take proper care of my feet ...

Fae talk in riddles. Ffootwear, and everything else, is never *quite* what it seems when the Fae get involved.

Himself is one of my favorite favorite cards. With Him covering your back, you are in good hands to go forward with confidence into the realm of le Fae, ShadowWolf!

Indi has been with me almost every other day for a good while now. (And I know what he's telling me). I keep pulling him as a daily or dream faery.