The Fairies are trying to convince me

Shadow Wolf

I NEVER venture out of my normal forums, but this morning I find myself here in the F.O. forum. I actually had to go back and look to see what forum I was in, I couldn't believe it..........

This is very definetely their doing.............

They're trying to convince me to bring them all home.

I guess they figure after a hubby who calls me psycho for believeing this stuff in the first place and a son who's saving up all his money for the best asylum money can buy -- for me, and both my kids telling everyone, "My mom talks to dead people" ....

Uh, did mention that the spirit of my father-in-law and his mother
"Grandma McKenna" come to visit on reg. basis.

I guess they figure I'd be a proper hostess for a brood of fairies.
Life around this house is interesting, if nothing else.

I won't make any promises, except to think about it, I will make it a point to have another look at it.

And from the way the feel about the Fairy Ring Oracle, I will be very careful not to confuse the two !!!!

I'll let you know what happens !!!


Well, I think I know what's going to happen ;), but do keep us posted! :D

Ruby Red Slippers

For Fun.....:D

Shadow Wolf:

For fun pulled a Faery card for you...."IIbe the Retriever"...Maybe he wants you to rerieve the faeries into your life....I get the feeling they are there already, just want to be more visible!


Shadow Wolf

Thanks for doing that for me !!! I think maybe you're right !!!

If I can get to Barnes and Noble today, I'll see if I can pick it up !!!

Of course, if I do realize that if I'm meant to bring them home today, they will find a way to be there !!!!

Thanks again !!!

Ruby Red Slippers

PLEASE let us know.......Think the Faeries will "come alive" with you.....LOL


Shadow Wolf

On thinking a little further about it, I think a few fairies will fit in
very nicely here. It's just crazy enough around here for them to feel right at home !!!!!

I'll let you know as soon as I get back.

If I can't get them from B&N, I'll order them from

I just hope they'll get along with my canine children !!!!


Shadow Wolf I pulled a card for you too. You're sunk you got Losgunna. The fairy of self discovery and adventure!

I think it's very sweet that your kids are saving up for a good quality asylum. Don't forget to pack your Faerie's Oracle.

P.S. I see dead people too.... so knock on the door down the hall it's probably me.

Shadow Wolf

I couldn't get the F.O. today, but I ordered it. It will come in
to B&N in 3-5 days. Now I can't wait!!!!

Ruby Red Slippers

May your gift to yourself FLY to you on the wings of Faeries......
They are truly wonderful assitants in life. They are always with me....



You will not be disappointed.
Even if you don't "get it" at first, just hang in there.
It took me a while--I even came dangerously close to returning my deck set (see torn, tattered and chewed post regarding my initial struggle with the Faeries Oracle).
Thankfully, the Faeries perservered, and now I can't imagine ever parting with them.
I'm extremely pleased that you will be here to discuss the Oracle with us, Shadow Wolf...we are all (Faeries included) blessed by your presence here!