The fairies at their new home :)


I forgot to check in with you all to let you know that I received the Faery deck from ros last week. They arrived a day or so before my in-laws arrived and my daughter's 4th birthday party, so I haven't had a lot of time to work with them yet.

The day they arrived, me and my 4 year old took them out of the box and spread them all over the dining room table. My Josie kept saying "Hi fairies!!! I'm so glad you came home to us!" She really got me in the spirit, so we both spoke out loud to them and said how glad we were to have them here. :D

I have resisted reading about the card descriptions in the book so far, but it's been hard! LOL I just skimmed the first section of the book and have yet to pick my favorite cards. But I have had a few interesting things happen. (And I'm finding that I'm talking like a crazy person right off the bat.... ROFL!)

One was that they didn't want to go back in the box. They also didn't want to go in the drawer where I keep my other decks. I think they were afraid I'd forget about them like I have the other decks! LOL. So they are on top of my entertainment center, with my crystal rabbit on top of them.

Then, yesterday when I was leaving to get my henna tattoo, they wanted to come with me. So I put the naked deck in my purse and went on my way. But not before choosing two cards first. The deck was thoroughly shuffled, and I shuffled again. Cut the deck in half and chose the #1 card, Unity. I said, "Unity with what?" spread the cards out and chose another card at random and chose the #2 card. I don't know what it means, but my gut reaction was that this card reprented the essence of fairies. So my interpretation of the two cards was a me and the fairies bonding. Also, a unity of logic and fantasy, mind and spirit. Is that any where on target with traditional meanings? I told my husband that I thought it was odd that out of all the cards, I picked the first two... in order. He said something like "Guess they are ready to get started."

I love this deck. It was definitely the right decision to listen to my instinct and give these fairies a new home. Oh, and I tried to give them reiki to cleanse the deck when I got them home, and they didn't want it! The energy wasn't flowing and then my dog wanted out, and my baby son tried to throw all the cards on the floor, the phone rang... it was chaos until I gave up and put them away. Is that strange?

Anyhow, I'm happy to be part of this elite group now! ;-)


When I bought this deck, I didn't know what the difference was
between Oracles and Tarot. So I looked the cards
over, studied them & made a journal.
Then I began to realize that Tarot is what I read.
I like the art of this deck, it's beautiful.
I had a place for the Faeries and looked after them.

lunar-rabbit I'm happy you & your daughter are enjoying these magical people.

May all your readings be happy ones!
Take Care,


The deck was clean and beautiful -- both in looks and energy-wise -- and didn't need a bit of cleansing or reiki-ing. You obviously took very good care of them! :) Thanks again, ros. You have helped to inspire me!


Leave it to the Fae to take matters into their own hands...!

"Reiki? Whassat?" say the pixies. "Who need ray-key?? We've got faerie dust...." ;)

Wonderful to hear you're feeling the influence of these cards already. They are a magical deck, indeed!


Alissa said:
"Reiki? Whassat?" say the pixies. "Who need ray-key?? We've got faerie dust...." ;)

<giggles!!!> Yeah, that was pretty much it! :D I did the first exercises from the book last night, and as I came to know them a little better I got that very same impression. Almost like, "Oh... um... gee.. no thanks! We don't need your earthly energy silly girl!!!" This makes me understand a little better why the deck didn't need any sort of cleansing or ritual like my other decks did.

I do think I need work on how I end playtime with them -- i.e. officially ending the "oracle session". I slept like crap last night because I couldn't stop thinking about the fairies. I wish I could remember any of it, but I do know they were running through my mind all night. <yawn>


~giggles~ welcome to the wonderful world of the Faeries Oracle. As I have said many times, they will teach you everything you need to know, just follow your instincts and their lead. And you are not crazy, the chaos in your home was their way of stopping you *LOL*.

I have never encountered another deck (oracle or otherwise) that even compare to this deck. Formality is not something the faeries follow to well. You and they will come to agreement on how to end your oracle sessions. Mine just like to be put away, not in order, just they way we finished. Sometimes some faeries want to stay out of the deck, so they do. They let me know when they are ready to go back. We do everything relating to the deck on their terms. Enjoy them, I know you will.