The Floret Oracle


Hey everyone! :D

I'm here to introduce the Floret Oracle. A 46 card deck (44 cards, 2 introductory cards) that I put together with the wonderful and enchanting art of J.J Grandville, Les Fleurs Animées (1847).

I've always been mesmerized by the artwork (and have a special adoration for all sorts of flowers and plants), especially seeing it incorporated so beautifully in the Victorian Flower Oracle which we all know is, unfortunately, out of print. After definately hunting for awhile and finding that the deck is hard to be found and a very deep stretch for the pockets, I went looking for an alternative to bring this wonderful art back to life and readily available.

And then the Floret Oracle was born!


I wanted this oracle to correspond to the art, the flowers and their meanings and applied everything accordingly. However, this deck does not come with a booklet. Not just to keep it affordable, but also to keep your intuition a high priority when reading with this deck. Every card contains three keywords to help you on your way, lay connections to the other cards and weave the answers together. This deck also highly encourages you to let your readings flow freely with each pull. You'll find with this deck that the further you go, the clearer it'll get. The Fleurs are here to compliment eachother and work together. Go beyond that one card.

The Floret Oracle is suitable to use for anything. Healing, lenormand-style reading, general oracle pulls, questions, self-exploration and much more. It depends on what you personally find the best way to work with it. :)

This deck contains 44 cards and 2 introductory cards in a neatly poker-sized format, so it can be easily managed for the tiniest of hands! It does not come with a custom box though (again, to keep it affordable for the public), but you can select to get a plain white tuckbox upon ordering to keep it in there.

All the info you need and more pictures are right here:

Happy reading!



I received mine about a month ago and it is such a beautiful and easy to read deck. So many of my clients love it as well! The size is perfect and the artwork is phenomenal. Thanks so much for creating this deck.


I've had my eye on this deck for a while! Absolutely need to add it to my collection! Will get it soon!


Oh my gosh, I saw this on Tumblr, it looks adorable! I love the backs. I just love it! Has it been very popular? Oh gosh, I wouldn't even know where to start with it, if I had it in my hands.


What a lovely alternative to the oop Grandville deck! Thanks for making this available. <3


This deck looks wonderful. I click on the link, and still have no idea how to order it.



This deck looks wonderful. I click on the link, and still have no idea how to order it.

Hi Cocobird,

On the page that that link takes you to, look on the left-hand column, click on where it says "The Floret Oracle: Get your own copy here." Then, in the middle of the page, right above "Important note," click on "~Get your own copy here~".

It's not the clearest website to navigate.


Thanks! It is a pain. Mine is ordered, though.


Mine came a couple of days ago. I like it -- even like the keywords on the card. The images are a little subdued. The cardstock is wonderful.


Gorgeous Cards!!!

These are incredibly beautiful and you've also inadvertantly given me an idea for my own deck. (Not the flowers, but where you publish through!). Many blessings!