The flying cow


I can't figure out the significance of the flying cow above the Page's head in the Golden tarot's Page of Swords. I've looked in the book and she doesn't give a clue---or at least doesn't give ME a clue. Maybe someone else can see it. The thing that comes to mind for me with that card at this point is "the cow jumped over the moon". Is it a reference to that nursery rhyme?


On the site for the golden -- -- she says she added the leaping bull 'as the card is said to represent the star sign Taurus'. That makes sense. I think the bright blue sky confuses it though, a night sky would have been better with the symbol.


Thank you for the link. I see now that she says this card represents Taurus. I was really puzzled by what this could mean. I haven't recognized much in the way of astrological symbolism in the rest of the deck, so it didn't occur to me that that's what this might be.


I wondered about that too, and can't seem to shake the "cow jumping over the moon" scenerio. I like the idea of it representing Taurus. That sure gives it a more solid explanation. However, I still feel the nursery rhyme fits with the Page in representing youth and innocence.