Could someone tell me if there is any reason why the fool is going to the left or right. Could it be that he is going left because he doesn't know where he is going??

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The 'reason' may be manifold...

But it is highly interesting to note that on earlier decks (Marseilles versions), in which the Fool is traditionally placed as the second-last card, he faces to the right of the card, and in GD influenced ones, in which the card is numbered zero, and hence placed at the beginning of the deck, he faces left.

In both cases, if you place the Major Arcana in sequence, maintaining their own different order as mentioned above, the Fool faces away from the sequence!

I'm hoping to read other posts on this very important question!


I'm afraid i havent got any major insights here and i certainly dont know 'why' he has been placed in such a way but to me the foll going the other way to the others signifies that he goes against the 'norm'. I see him as doing the things others would think foolish but to him it makes perfect sense and he is innocent enough to just try it out for himself and go for it.

To me he will always be the adventurous fun loving crazy little guy who does whatever he wants even if others dont approve or think it is a stupid move to make.

He could also be seen to do the opposite of what youd might expect, going against common sense.



This web page may give you an idea. Compare the text window discussion to the Tarot layout on the web page.



StaveRunner: WOW--thank you for sharing! It will take me some time to check out your site, but I am fascinated at first glance! The music link adds a neat, classy touch. I like the music, great just to listen to as well as for mediation. Thanks again!



You're very welcome; and thankyou for the praise. It is my pleasure to serve by sharing, as Divine Providence allows.