The Goddess Hathor


Hi everyone :)

I was wondering if anyone here has a connection with the Goddess Hathor? She keeps popping into my life and I know she has a lot to teach me about love, self love, beauty and sex - all the lessons that I struggle with lol.

Just wondering if she appears to anyone here and how she appears or works with you?



When I get my newer computer up and running again (hard drive is on the way) I'll have something to add here that you may find interesting.


Yes, she is an interesting one. At various times, when doing my my 4 x day Sun / Horus adorations (at times , 4 x a day every day for months on end) I invoked her at Noon. [ Hathor - hwt-hr (Het Her) - lit. Mansion of Horus ... in this case at Noon and also implies 'the Mansions of the Moon.]

" Also at Noon, let him greet the Sun, facing South, giving the sign of his grade. And let him say in a loud voice: 'Hail unto Thee who art Ahathoor in Thy triumphing, even unto Thee who art Ahathoor in Thy beauty, who travellest over the heavens in thy bark at the Mid-course of the Sun.
Tahuti standeth in His splendour at the prow, and Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm.
Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Morning!' *

And after each of these invocations thou shalt give the sign of silence " ( i.e. assume the god-form Ihy - see below) ... " and afterward thou shalt perform the adoration that is taught thee by thy Superior. And then do thou compose Thyself to holy meditation."

But mostly she is associated with the Moon in relation to joy, feminine love, and motherhood. She is also a cow goddess and via both associations relate to astrological Cancerian energy. And cows and the Moon are very strongly related :

After working with this goddess form for some time I got a job being preparations manager for Biodynamic Agriculture Australia (under strange, unexpected, unusual and 'co-incidental' circumstances ;) ) where all of this came together (making preparations relating to Moon energy, influenced by the Sun, made from cow dung, treated in a type of 'slow furnace' (the magical 'weapon' of Cancer) and used to increase agricultural fertility (another aspect of Hathoor - fertility) with high consideration for the environment ( feminine love, and motherhood).

She is also "Mistress of the West" welcoming the dead into the next life. In the solar meditations, the next one after noon is performed at sunset, and directed towards the Gods of death, and the beginnings of the nightly journey through the underworld, so here she is also welcoming one 'towards the west'.

As wiki says: "In a complicated relationship Hathor is at times the mother, daughter and wife of Ra and, like Isis, is at times described as the mother of Horus, and associated with Bast" ... not unusual this complexity as the god-forms 'variety' are often not understood as they are not seen in the situation they are meant to represent. Het - Her (Hathor) is part of the elemental world of Rostau ( the things that are on Earth - but it also includes the pre and post birth states) . Three 'Neteru families' help to regulate this realm; the Heliopolitan Ennead - concerning 'augmentation', the 'Funerary Quarternary - concerning 'sublimation' and the Dendera Triad - concerning proliferation where we find Het - Her paired with Heru to produce Ihy : Hathor, Horus and Ihy.

" Ihy was depicted as a child holding a sistrum or as a nude child with his finger in his mouth. He was worshiped alongside Horus and Hathor at Dendera." - Wiki

Check the 'ghost figure' on ...

Here, Hathor at IC or 'Noon' is in the aspect of 'Nuit' ; "Other goddesses might be called his mother, however, including Isis, Sekhmet, and Neith." - Wiki on Ihy. Sekhmet is also related to Hathoor (especially as a 'Noon', fiery aspect,

but more represented in this card

In the Dendra Triad Het - Her constructs the physical form before birth and deconstructs it after death ( the cow represents this in its role of providing fertility via digestion). The 'fire' or 'life aspect' or 'the lightening' is provided by Heru

" The Neter Ihy is the child of their union, arising out of the water on a lotus with a finger on his lips. He is able to walk among men unlike the other Lotus-born, signifying the creative power which is accessed in all procreative arts." - Clark.

In regard to your associations of love, self love, beauty and sex ;

Love is entwined all through this, from the various aspects of love, above related to Cancer and Lunar types of love and the nurturing of those things for the self. For me, it tied in with my practice, relating to aspect within the Tarot , as depicted in above card links. The idea of Love being THE law and 'do what thou wilt' , relating to ones meaning, lifes purpose or 'Dharma' (what you came here for and to accomplish in this incarnation) is intimately associated with happiness, 'inner satisfaction' , Initiation (finding ones purpose as an individual within a greater plan) and Eudaimonia

please DO look it up ... its an important 'key' and helps one to comprehend the concept of 'wholeness' , it actually takes 'units of wholeness' (individuals) in a society for the concept of Ma'at to work .... which is all about 'Adjustment'

which helps you to work yourself and transform to where you want.

Sex and passion might be better related (and learnt about the 'dangers' of 'over-riding passions' ... especially with alcohol ;) ) via Sekhmet and the Lust card (and read up on ... if you haven't already ... what happened when the Egyptians invoked Sekhmet - the beer in the blood story. )

She has worked with me in many ways ... from the job I got as described above ... where I learnt a lot about the processes on a physical level and through many aspects of my life.

Hmmm .... I better go and make an offering :)

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Wow thank you ravenest for all that typing and info!
I love the Thoth but never thought that Hathor would be in the deck too :) That Crowley eh, knew his stuff ;)

And the cow image is a weird one. Cows in our modern world are just burgers and milk - but for the Egyptians they were so much more. Having cows meant that you had a great abundance of fertile land, water, and plenty of space to be able to have cows, and then of course all their benefits of milk and meat. They truly are symbols of the ever giving love of the Gods to their human children. And that link about the moon/cow cycles are really interesting.

Thank you :)

For me - Hathor definitely has that double edge, to have love and attention but with grace and humility, else we go into Sekmet mode and burn, pillage and have sex through all those angry raging and egotistical times.

Yet Love is THE law - definitely the right emphasis for me at the moment... rather than LOVE is the law, love is THE law makes that sentence change in so many ways.

:D Cheers for the brain food and spiritual shake up Ravenest :D


My pleasure :)

Patiently waiting here for Barlywine's post (he often has very interesting stuff to say).