The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – Eight Of Swords


A woman on the right, wearing a white dress, is pressed against a pillar. Eight swords blocks her way on the right. The woman seems raptured.

She seems to be happy of her conditon, delighted and maybe even asking for more. She enjoys her entrapment, or maybe she's not aware of it after all, until she discovers too late how deeply involved she is.


This ghost could be out haunting – she could be doing anything.

Instead she’s leaning against a post doing nothing – lost in her own little world…


The danger of imprisonment; that you end up expecting and almost enjoying it... a version of Stockholm Syndrome.


The first thing I noticed about this card is that the swords depicted are the exact same as the one from the Ace of Swords. I looked to see if their pattern meant anything to me, but I didn’t notice anything there. One end of the formation is even open, so the swords themselves could not hold anyone. So what holds the captive in place?

There is a lone pillar and leaning against it is the captive. She leans against the pillar seductively, her gown flowing down to blend with the fog. The look in her face significantly enhances the seductive pose, until you notice the eyes. That was when I realized that this was a ghost. The haunting spirit of a woman long past. That is how she is held captive; she does not know she is a ghost. She still shows up night after night, held to area where she breathed her last breath. Doomed to this fate until the bond is broken.

Waiting for what, I don’t know. Maybe she is here to drain the life from the living, or to convince some dashing man to dig up her bones for a proper burial, thus releasing her from her ghostly bonds.


The woman’s gown blends in with the fog, but if you follow the lines of her dress, you’ll see that at least one, maybe two swords seem to be pinning her dress to the ground. Although the majority of the swords are just standing in front of her, doing not much, she is pinned to where she stands. The pillar is the only thing she can reach to lean against. She can’t take a step forward and sit on the stairs, as the swords are blocking her way. She is dressed in white - purity and innocence, yet her dress is hardly modest. Perhaps she feigns innocence, she isn’t to blame for her situation, but in reality, she took quite an active part in her imprisonment.

September Pixie

I look at this somewhat the same way as I see the RW cards.. there is a shell of a woman (ghost) that is pinned and bound in this spot, she is looking to the side for some help.. possibly a handsome stranger or any kind face to help unpin her and let her finally rest in peace.


8 of swords 1st reading

This is the 2nd card dealt in my first 'practice' reading of a 4 card
spread for someone else.

I think there is a general consensus here that her ghostly figure is trapped. I agree that her dress does appear to flow and blend with the mist/fog/clouds and the swords do appear to be pinning her down. I agree she has no option but to lean on the pillar. As for the expression on her face, I found it to be sad/depressed and longing for someone to come and release her. (head turned)
There is a reason I feel, as to why she holds her tummy. I had suspected that there was a death, someone passing due to illness, and as I checked the little booklet afterwards I see it can also refer to sickness.

When I did this reading for my friend the first thing she related this one to was her abilities to connect with the spirit world. That she was not quite ready or needed help or further studies to help her fully understand her abilities in clairvoyancy.

Now onto the 3rd card dealt the Knight of Cups. (becoming one of my favourites).

Thanks for listening


Another flash of thought....

WOW these cards amaze me, just reflecting on this even further
from my previous post, this card could also mean ones spiritual development. Dealing with spiritual matters etc.

Ok Im moving on now lol...................