The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – Four Of Wands


The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – Foure Of Wands

A full moon is framed in the archway where a female apparition greets us. Four columns support the arch. A wand is before each column. On the arch are the words, “Serenity Prosperity Sanctuary Harmony”.

I feel those four words say it all. We are welcomed and offered those four elements…


The words in marbles (and the top) are standing on four pillars, the pillars being reinforced with the wands, giving to the construction a strong and stable fondation. She probably did this herself, reinforcing the fondation, to the sanctuary she found (or built) for herself. She is cheerful and seems now to be able to enjoy this new home for herself and enjoy the work she did. Is she going to throw a party?

Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Ghost.


This card feels "welcoming" to me, as if she's there to greet you. Her hands rest lightly on the pillers, a sense of ease in her atmosphere and the place we're at.

Stability surrounds her.

The full moon behind her speaks of fruition, fullfillment and ... feels like a harvest about to be collected. Good things just about to be had.


Four of Wands

Here we have a covered walkway with pillars running down its length. At this particular spot there is an archway with stairs leading down from the walk way into the fog. Four pillars are pictured, two on each side of the arch. A wand is inset in each pillar. A full moon is nearly centered perfectly within the arch from the point of view the card shows. Standing in the archway, arms outstretched towards a pillar on each side, is the figure of a woman. Whether or not she is a vampire or a spirit is not innately obvious. On a banner running across the bottom of the portico roof are the words (from left to right) Serenity, Prosperity, Sanctuary, and Harmony.

This scene takes place on the portico of the vampire clan’s estate. The woman is the new wife we saw being converted in the Lovers card. She has completed her transformation and is out this evening enjoying and exploring her new home. She is standing there, looking out over the wading pool which is emitting a thick fog on this cool damp evening. She is very happy with her new situation in (un)life and is just basking in the cool moonlight. The words etched into the portico arches harken back to the days before this family’s immersion into the dark life of the vampire, but exactly describe the way she feels right now.


I feel a bit of sensuality in her pose. Maybe she is welcoming her husband home. She is waiting him to come closer. Is it for a kiss or a bite?


The moon adorns the lady's head like a halo. Magic fills the night. It is a magical night when the moon. at its most beautiful, waxes and charges the environment with moon magic. The moon lady dances to the four energetic essenses of fire. The moon is, once again, a special thing to me, because I revere the moon. The moonlight glisten on my fur, guides me in the dark, sends its special blessings to me.