The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – King Of Swords


The King is in a great room with three arches behind. There is a cross + at the top center arch. The king wears a black armor with black cloth; he has black wings, a crown on his head and he holds a sword with his right hand. On his belt is the symbol that is on the back of the deck.

He looks determined and sad, but calm at the same time, He seems to be thinking about battle plans, or a situation that torments him, and how to resolve it.


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Dark Angel.


This picture is fairly uninspiring to me.

The only color we see is the teeniest tiniest glint from the ruby in the sword's hilt. Things are colorless. His outlook may be "colorless" or bleak.

A fog surrounds his feet, perhaps he cannot find his way clearly for now and choses to stop and wait. His stance suggests an observational mode.

His sword is held with the point to the ground, in a casual manner. However, my assumption is he's right handed, so he's holding his weapon at the ready, even if the blade is not bared.

His wings seem unable to support him, in my opinion. However, holding them aloft, he looks larger than what he is. This is a defense mechanism in some animals. Is it a defense mechanism here as well?


King of Swords

We have a trefoil arch in the background here, sort of a Celtic cross for the styling in the top arch. It seems like the inside of a huge chamber, except there is still a thin mist pouring in from the right. Standing in the middle of the room is what appears to be a dark angel. His wings are feathered, but they are black just like his hair, clothing, and armor. He wears a huge belt around his waist. The symbol upon it is the exact same on found in the center circle of the World card. The amulet hanging on his chest has the same emblem as the cross-circle high in the third arch. He wears the crown of the King of Swords. In his right hand he holds a sword; blade pointed down and resting on the floor. The way he grips it shows that he is not prepared to use it. It is being held more for effect at the moment, but there is no doubt he is capable with the weapon. He has a very ‘matter of fact’ look on his face; no emotion can be seen.

Here we have yet another angel who has succumbed to the temptation of earthly power. Once he was one of the most formidable warriors for the side of light. Ironically, at a point in the never ending battle between light and darkness when the demons of the dark had suffered some of their worst defeats, was when this eternal soul saw a chance for power and took it. In the midst of a ferocious battle, the demonic lieutenant and this angelic captain met for combat. The ensuing duel became so intense that the soldiers from both sides stood to watch. Their powers were fairly evenly matched as they traded devastating blows. The longer the fight lasted, the more passionate the good captain became. At what ended up as the climax of this epic clash, the captain saw an advantage that by warrior standards was considered unethical, but he was so intent on his victory, he cared not the means, and his low blow was followed up with the decapitation of his nemesis. The whole ordeal and the levels of raw, animal emotion that were experienced by the captain brought him beyond the boundaries of sanity to which he would never return. He proceeded to slaughter every other moving creature on the field that did not flee before his battle frenzy. He has since taken the role intended for a certain victorious demon. The forces of darkness could not have been more pleased with their new general and king.


His eyes are closed. Is he looking inside himself?