The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Knight of Pentacles


Knight of Pentacles

A dashing vampire stands below a bare tree, the wind blows his cloak and hair. At the base of his feet, near the exposed roots of the tree, are eight skulls, his foot is placed upon one of them. Further down the knoll, below the vampire is three wolves. Like bats and rats, wolves are another known companion to vampires. The wolves and the vampire stare out at the viewer and one of the wolves is starting towards the interloper. (Here we are in trouble again….) In the back ground a fetid pool of water can be seen, and even further back is a double archway, the top of which is adorned with a gothic Pentacle. It can’t be told for sure if this is the ruined remnant of a building, or a gateway to a long forgotten estate or graveyard, but it has seen better days.

I feel very much like I have been found someplace that I shouldn’t be, by this vampire and his familiars. He is almost like a hermit vampire, his territory is very dark and earthy. He is not based out of some huge castle like some of his brethren. He also does not seem like the type that bothers with converting others, he just feeds on them and adds their dried dead corpses to his collection.

What I wouldn’t give for a couple of big steaks and a d@mn fast ATV right now…….



Strange, it was my daily card of today!

I won't elaborate. I have put a few thought in the daily card thread.

Looking at it further, I feel it's somebody that takes to get on good term with but, when he consider you a friend, he can back you up in needs. Better to be his friend than his enemy.


I find him very dangerous. He has killed many, according to the skulls at his feet. At his command are three wolves, and it wouldn't surprise me if he hadn't any bats under his control as well.
He seems like a loner (funny you should mention the Hermit card, mercenary30!), not keen on making any friends along the way. All he needs are his wolves. He blends in, kills and then moves on to another place, accompanied by his wolves.
This vampire knows how to handle himself, apart from the wolves he doesn't seem to be in need of others.

These wolves have no glowing red eyes. Perhaps so they won't stand out, giving their attack a surprise element.

EDIT to add:

This card was based on Vargo's work 'Lord Dravek'.

September Pixie

Hmm funny that there hasn't been more thoughts on this card..

I don't find him angry or threatening.. I infact find him more protective.. the archway is a door leading to his domain.. the tree is his front yard.. the skulls at his feet are worthless beings to him who tried to take or step into places they don't belong.. I infact find him rather lonely, wanting to share his life with someone but he isnt very trusting.. he's been hurt before, thus the need for wolves -- protection.. if you are a friend, he will welcome you with his cold embrace.. if you are a foe -- then to the wolves he will leave you!

He is a beautifully cold vampire.. unwilling to trust...


This card shows a lone vampire with three wolves. Eight skulls are underfoot, he absent mindedly has his foot resting on one. Behind him is a large gnarled tree in the shape of a ghoul and very long roots.

The vampires' cloak is wrapped very tightly against his body and his head is bowed, he looks as though he is in deep thought, he is mulling over the past. People from his past, hurts and slights. His wolves guard and protect him, they are his natural defences. They won't let anyone near, they won't let anyone interrupt his long thought process.

The tree is representative of imagined fears, it looks like a ghoul in the dark but in reality it is just an old tree. Old fears haunt this vampire, they follow him wherever he goes and their roots go deep into the earth. A crumbling archway to his side marks his boundaries, his territory. He is in a safe place, yet he has brought his fears with him. I wonder how long his fears will continue to stalk him unchallenged and when he will allow others close so he no longer has time to brood. When he will call off his wolves, his defences and find another way of dealing with his issues.

I think this card points towards defensiveness, protection, guardedness and being caught in the past. Someone wants to approach, one of the wolves looks as though it may attack someone approaching but they are being scared off.

Our minds use defences to protect us, but we often carry on using these defences when they are no longer needed or necessary. Instead they hinder our progress and push away potential love and friendship. This goes unnoticed as we are creatures of habit and used to our comfort zones, we don't like to uproot these deeply entrenched habits and create new ones. I think this card brings forth the need to re examine our behaviour, to get rid off baggage, to uproot things that haunt us. To bring them out into the light and destroy them. To allow others into our lives as we have the potential for so much more than we are currently allowing ourselves. If only we called of the wolves and looked up.