The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – Knight Of Swords


The knight is at the top of a building in the sky, wearing a knight armor with a red robe. He has white wings and he holds in his right hand a spear with a red flag and in his left hand a sword.

He looks like a devoted warrior, with a flag revealing his victory. He seems vigilant in his quest, the red representing his vitality and his nobility.


An odd picture. It’s not too dark. The figure does not look too malevolent…he looks like someone you might hire to watch your back. He looks sad. And for some reason he looks like he might not be someone to be trusted, not that he’d hurt you out of malice, but because he lives ‘in a different world’ and may not truly understand you…


This is one of two swords in the suit (three in the deck) that don't have a red gem at the hilt. One is the Knave of swords (which I've already commented on). But this one isn't quite the same as, but closely resembles the one of Justice.

The fact that he carried a deep red banner and a sword resembling the one that Justice carries, I want to call him a man who would fashion himself as serving justice. Perhaps he is, perhaps he's more vengeful that just.

Also, the cross emblazoned on his platemail shirt seems to say that at least he thinks he is acting for the sake of justice. Doing what he thinks his Lord God would will him to do.

The question remains as to whether he is truly a servant of justice or not.


More I look at this Knight, more I feel that the reason why he's sad is because the victory has costed him so much, he has lost people he cared about, and this victory is not really a victory. The flag is red to remember how much blood flooded in this war and to rememeber what was lost.


The more I look at this card the more I feel he has passed on. Died in battle? The paleness and expression of his face, (As previously mentioned, he has lost so much, at what cost? His own death?) the wings, being high up in the sky. Is he is now the guardian angel?

And yet he looks down, possibly at the battleground below him. He is in a position, up high, to gain the best view points to his advantage, for his next strike?


When I see the Knight of Swords, I feel like he is fighting for a cause he doesn't believe in, but he will serve his duty nonetheless. His sword and head are lowered, and even the banner does not wave high above him. Everything is being brought down, which evidently signifies some sort of inner sorrow.

He and the marble slab that he stands appear very suddenly from the mist, which might go with what Umbrae was saying about him being part of another world that you don't understand and doesn't understand you.


Knight of Swords

Here we have one of the few cards that are depicting a force for good. It is also one of few cards that do not use the standard version of the suit symbol. His sword is much different than the rest of them in the deck. He seems to be standing on the parapet of a high mountain castle, or possible even a fortress floating in the clouds. He holds a lance with a standard floating in the breeze in his right hand, and the golden sword of Justice in the left. He wears a gilded breast plate, shoulder guards, and bracers. Upon the plate is a cross surrounded by fleur-de-lis designs. His robes and cloak are of a deep red, as well as the pennant he presents. One foot is upon the rampart and he is starting down intently at something below. His is presenting himself in defiant challenge and is prepared for what ever assault is headed his way. Again I see an aura around this being, which shows his unearthly strength and power. He is not of this earth.

I am not sure that he is looking at an assault that is headed towards his cloud castle. I suspect he is looking down upon the earth at a situation that may require his intervention. That is why he is prepared for battle. The battle standard he holds on to is not a part of the wall; it is a weapon he carries in battle. He is reluctant to get involved in earthly endeavors, and if he does go, it will be only for the greatest of reasons. The rules regarding direct involvement are strict and he must adhere to those rules. The rules of engagement however, are much less defined and as such he can pretty much determine the actions he takes on his own. Angels, like humans, have conscious choice and are just as responsible for their decisions as the rest of us are. They are just held to a higher standard. He does not seem happy to make this decision......


The knight of swords is usually, one of my favorite cards of any deck. This one, I like.

I saw, in a few decks, that the knight of swords is usually looking sad or in his thought. This one is in this state of mind.

He seems to know a lot about battle. Maybe he is ready to give the victory for one side of the battle...