The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Queen Of Pentacles


Queen of Pentacles

Although we have another archway for a back drop here this one is quite different from most. This one is much more Celtic than the rest. The designs on the sides and top of the archway would be considered a modern gothic design. Very similar to the style used on tattoos. Inside the arch is a large marble pentacle. Standing in front of this archway, with her leathery wings extended out, is the Queen of Pentacles. She is unquestionably a vampire, complete with crown and ceremonial robes. She stands there in a way that resembles lying in a coffin, with her arms crossed over her breast. A very formal stance, similar to the way the High Priest was positioned.

“What is it you wish to ask of me, mortal?”
I am performing a scientific study on your lifestyle and culture. Looking at things from a historical stand point until now.
“To what purpose?”
Your clan and others like it are a part of this world, a part of its history and will be a part of its future. Your existence should not be lost to the ages.
“That information would be too valuable to our enemies. I will not sanction it.”
This information is not for public use, but to be stored in a special vault of world knowledge along with secrets of other cultures throughout history. Plus, I would share it with your own archives.
“And what are YOU getting out of all this?”
Personal knowledge, personal satisfaction. This all fascinates me so much I can hardly sleep thinking about it.
“You understand the dangers you will constantly face?”
Yes, my lady.
“Even my sanction and sponsorship does not guarantee your safety. I have political enemies within my realm.”
Yes, my lady, I am aware that I take my life in my own hands during this endeavor. I do believe the results will be worth even my very life.
“Well, that very well could be the price you pay…..”


The card gives me the impression of balance, stability as a state-of-mind. This queen seems to be well grounded. She seems pretty decided and straightforward.


This card is based on Vargo's work 'Dark Queen.'


Within an archway, a winged queen stands with her hands crossed over her chest. Her wings are splayed as though she is either ready to take off or has just arrived and will fold them to herself. I imagine she is ready to take off as it is pitch black outside, she has probably woken and is readying herself to feed. She looks dangerous, her stare is intent and her crown pointed with three daggers.

This queen has her priorities straight for without food she will perish and she will spread her wings and fly to get what she wants. It comes across as a very practical card of both (self) containment and being uncontainable. She seems contained within the alcove she rests in but her wings are spread and she is about to take off. It shows a balance. Her wings balance her. Her feet are together, hidden under her long dress, without her wings she would topple over. Her position is somewhat like that of the Hanged Man the right way up. As though a time of decision making is over, and it's time to take action based on priority and need.

Now this decision has been made, nothing is going to get in this queens' way. She is entirely focused on her mission, her arms cross over her chest protecting her heart and vital organs. She has closed out anything that will get in her way. She would make a most formidable opponent should you get in the way of what she wants.