The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – Seven Of Swords


A bat-vampire woman is standing on top of the steps, fourth step, wearing a black dress and bat wings. She seems to be shocked, or angry. Behind her is an arch with a smaller arch on each side. On the first two steps are seven swords, standing equally in front of the woman.

Has she caught us while we were not supposed to be there? Obvilously, confrontation is not the best way, the swords block the way, we must use the sides to get out of there. Maybe she is the one with bad intentions, blocked by the swords and forced to use the sides.


The path you’ve chosen is blocked – by swords, and the figure; we have not chosen wisely.


She appears in control of the swords, holding them in readiness through some unknown power. Yet they are pointing down, not in an aggressive posture. It is only threatening because we do not understand the power she holds. To me, this card shows how something we do not understand can be threatening,even frightening, and as a result, people with that power choose to withdraw from others, putting up barriers to protect themselves.


First Impressions

With my very first "practice" reading here are my thoughts.

She is standing behind 7 swords which are
facing down. I observe her head is held high. The swords appear
to be blocking her path from walking down the steps.
She is standing in the middle of an OPEN arch. Smokey
mist has formed around her feet.

My thoughts and feelings of this card it would appear at first
glance she has some obstacles but her head is held
high. There is a confidence. She is not worried about these obstacles or if she is, she is painting the illusion of confidence. However I notice the open archway behind her which indicates a
way out. Another way out other than the steps before

The illusion (for some reason the mist around her feet to me represents illusion)is that she appears to
be trapped but infact she isnt! Because swords are
relevant to the mind and intellect I would say She knows what she is doing, or gives the impression she is there because she wants to be because she can always go through the arch if she wants. If that makes sense?

When I read this card for a friend she was totally in awe and amazed at how relevant and accurate this card was to her current situation. Ok on to the 8 of swords which was the next card dealt.


Forgot to add

Dark angel, just read your post and I really like your thoughts and interpretations on this one.

I just love these cards they have such an amazing depth.

Goddess blessings


Seven of Swords

There are four stairs leading up to a triple arched doorway. Each of the left and right arches is actually alcoves. There is a platform in each one, and both of them are empty. A fog is streaming out from the door way and starting to crawl down the stairs; covering the feet of a vampiress. She stands at the top of the stair, a look of contempt and challenge upon her face. She wears a tight black full length dress. Around her neck is a bat shaped choker. What first appears to be a large cape billowing out from behind her are actually her wings. She has partially converted and is fully ready for any and all comers. Seven swords are magically balanced on the stairs in front of her.

The new lady of the house is establishing her territory and announcing her dominance to the clan. Already she has removed the vestiges of the old ways; challenging the old hierarchy and imposing her will on the established norm. The master’s new bride is boldly taking what she considers her rightful role, and knows that her challenge will not go unanswered. But she is powerful, and prepared for this fight. Although the seven swords are currently held in balance with magic, the completion of this ritual will soon show the reach of her powers. As the fog cascades down the steps to engulf the whole platform, seven spectral warriors will rise taking their place behind the blades. Woe to any who think they may still be able to make her tumble.


I almost thought it was Lily Monster! lol! But this one is having a more severe look. She dominate the swords and she is in control. She makes a statement. She know what she wants.


The dark lady stands with her pinions of pain outstretched. Webbed pinions. She attempts to manipulate all as a spider would manipulate the stands of her web. But she is not a spider. Through her actions, she is doing all she can to gain control of the circumstances, not by free will, but because her anguish compels her, so great she had to have made her put such harsh measures in motion. She is unaware of the immorality in her actions, as the drive to achieve contentment drives her to madness.