The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Six Of Pentacles


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Sorrow.

A young woman, dressed in white, is in a crounching position, embracing the statue of an angel on a pedestal. The arms of the angel are open, he seems to be somewhat concerned. In the back, on each side, stands a tombstone with three pentacles on it, each tomb having an arch design. More in the back stands, on the right, a dead tree.

She seems to be upset, and looking for comfort in the statue of the angel that she's embracing. She has hope, she wants to pray, to ask to the Divine. And she seems to be finding comfort in these actions. The arms of the angel are open, open to her and to her demands, open to comfort her; his face shows compassion and comprehension. The graves behind seem too new and too recent. What if the graves are arches, passages to possiblities, that arose when she asked with so much fervor?



I do find this card rather intresting. And also a good relation to the 6 of pentacles from the RW Deck. In RW it shows a man giving money to two people kneeling at his feet. In relation the man in the RW deck is giving them somthing that they want/need. Here in the Gothic tarot you can see somewhat somthing of the same thing. The statchue Is giving the woman ghost confort. I dont see much of her being upset but perhapes thankful.
The 6 of pentacles does mean knowledge, resources, power, and having/not having. Now from thinking of this "Having and Not Having" I can see this imedaitly in this card. Perhaps the angel can only speak to here in threw the grave because he has moved on to the next world (heaven?). And the woman is a ghost... still on this earth and she can only be with him through this way. Pehapes they may have shared something great when they where both still alive. The ghostly woman "HAS" comfort that she can atleast speak with him, but it is nowhere near how it used to be, they do "NOT HAVE" the same type of relationship that they had once had in the past. With this in thought, they still have somewhat "POWER" over there relationship threw these "RESOURCES" but they both "KNOW" it can not be the same.


When we look that the RWS 6 of Pentacles, we don’t rightly know what is important – is it the giver or the receiver? And what motive does the giver hold? How will the receiver feel when the gift is gone?

Or, as in the Rune Gifu, perhaps it’s the act that is important – and outshines both giver and receiver.

Here we see the spirit hug the statue. Does she yearn for the corporal? Perhaps she remembers fondly the touch of life – yearns to feel the cold of the stone, and of the wind that blows her hair?

What was, was a gift. As what shall be, shall be a gift. And she accepts the blessing of a cracked statue, frozen in the act of giving…

Perhaps she was once the model for the sculptor…


I am going to try and give my interpretations to these cards without reading the posts before me. My readings have been completely intuition based as of late and I am avoiding reading the LWB for the same reason.

Boy, I see this card as so much different than its RWS cousin. My interpretation of the RWS Six/Pentacles is charity, kindness, generosity, etc. The Vargo I see as a higher form of protection. The Spirit is looking for what seems to be forgiveness, or acceptance. The Guardian Angel statue does not judge she/he is there to protect all spirits despite whatever may have happened in their mortal life. I find this a very sweet card in that it is so non-judgmental - a trait we should all learn to advance higher on the spiritual plane.

This deck is growing on me .......


September Pixie

I see 2 sets of 3 pentacles.. I definitely think the 3 fold law (positive & negative).. she seems to be holding onto the statue as if she is looking for guidance.. perhaps she has a decision she is seeking spiritual guidance for.. she is very transparent (ghostly) perhaps she is in deep remembrance.. or all of the above :) I haven't really found a clue with the tree behind them yet.. but perhaps it means standing tall and being firm...

Strange.. I see a completely different take on this card from the other decks.


okay, maybe i'm just hallucinating here. but does the angel look just a bit creepy to anyone? its eyes are almost completely black which is a complete contrast to the statue itself. and just because of the eyes, soon the rest of the angel starts to look a bit creepy too. the arms kindly take in the ghost? entrap her forever?

however she does not seem to sense the evilness as her eyes are closed. to me, this card seems more of an encroaching danger that is hidden behind a benign mask. it is like going to the wrong person who will only multiply on your misery.


Six of Pentacles

A dark misty graveyard is the setting. In the back off to the right a leafless tree reaches its limbs to the darkness. In the center is the statue of a robed angel on a short pedestal. The wings are folded back and the arms are held slightly forward with palms up in a gesture of acceptance and invitation. Flanked on each side of this statue is an arched tombstone, each one displaying three pentacles within the arched portion of the stone; they are formed in a triangle. A female spirit embraces almost desperately to the legs of the statue. Her arms are wrapped around and her head is resting at about knee level.

She is remembering from her life the security of hug; the feeling of warm acceptance that goes along with it. She was orphaned at the age of 12 when her mother died of the plague. Her uncle took her in but he was a heartless cruel man, who worked her to the bone and took out his frustrations on her. As she grew and matured, he took notice and started forced those kinds of attentions on as well. At the age of 16 she ran away after a particular nasty evening with her Uncle, which left her bruised and battered and him with a dinner knife stuck in his throat. She found herself living in the streets, hating life, hating herself. She offered herself for food or money to keep herself alive, but that only drove her deeper into despair. They found her one morning curled in the corner near the church door. Her small frame all white with frost, and blue with death. You could still see the bruises left on her arms and face. She was quietly buried outside the fence from the cemetery. The priest had pity upon her, but not enough to place her grave on holy ground…….


To me, the angel-statue have a welcoming gesture. Maybe the angel-statue had been put there to signify a place where everybody is welcome, as they are.

Maybe when the ghostly woman saw the angel-statue, she had a moment of illumination/revelation. And now, she is hugging the statue while she deal with all the emotions that the illumination had awaken.

It's a very good looking card...


At our Tarot Meetup, we write a new story on a card each month. Two months ago, the Six of Pentacles was the card and I picked the Gothic's Six for the story. I've been told it could be interesting that I post them here, so here is the story for this card.

Gracefully, she floats above her grave, trying to land on a ground she can't reach. Here, everything is so light and heavy. She still wonders how she can be, can have a form. She seems to think that she is dead, everything tells her so, and yet, she still looks like a living person. Why do ghosts have bodies? Clothes? Why do they give in to the heavyness of gravity? And yet float?

She doesn't quite remember why she is here. Only flashes and words that don't make sense, horrifying visions. She knows she is cursed. Cursed to be back from the Dead and to have no rest. She cannot go further than the cemetary she's in. She comes and goes, reads the names on the tombs, trying to find some sense in this.

So many times she felt close to madness. She has no idea how long this has been going on... and she is so lonely. She has come to think that she must have done something terrible for her to be punished like this. Something terrible and wrong!

She often cried in corners, letting out her pain. Then, she cried no more. She started talking nonsense, hoping some divine presence could hear her apology and see how sorry she felt.

Then one day, in a flash of light, it illuminated some area in the back that she never really noticed before. An angel statue, old and broken, became somewhat luminous. Curious, she approached slowly and she became fascinated by the smile of the angel. Impulsively, she kneeled and embraced the statue's legs and closed her eyes. And all the comfort, warmth and forgiveness she was looking for and never got simply poured from the statue into her. She stayed in this blessing state for a while and understood that she was finally forgiving herself.


ol_crazy_Legs, what a beautiful take on this card!

I have a different take on this card.
To me the spirit seems desperate about something, she is very upset and wants to find some comfort with the angel. She clings to him, hoping he can soothe her. But the angel can't give that to her.
His arms are open, in an effort to tell her that things are how they are. Like he is saying Nothing can be done, my child. Leave it be.