The Gothic Tarot by Vargo – Six Of Wands


This is the victory card.

A woman with black and white hair, wearing a black dress, is riding a black horse. She holds a wand in her left hand. She wears a red pendant, her lips are red as well as the horse's eyes. The horse is jumping and, at the same moment, there's a lightning. The other wands are on her sides in the ground. There are six bats flying on the right.

The lightning and the bats seem to be applauding her for her victory. Her fearful face shows her strenght, rage and fearlessness, all qualities necessary to win. Riding this demoniac horse is another achievement, similar to The Chariot.


I want to pick this card apart for a while. We get the feeling from looking at this card of motion and action

We can’t tell if the Phantom on horseback is arriving or leaving; we only know that she is here now. The bats appear to follow her. They add an element of air to this card, which ordinarily would be of fire.

Opening the tome I call my journal, I look at notes under ‘Six’: The six directions of space, harmony, perfection of parts. Six represents a transition from the past to the future. Sixes also relate to responsibilities to others, and duty to home and family. It is a number that is associated with peace and harmony.

Harmony and movement through time and space…hmmm.

There is so much movement in this card that I must also see physical travel as well as mental/spiritual movement.

The Phantom seems not to be angry or sad – but goads me to follow or move on my own…


That doesn't look like white hair to me, it looks like the suggestion of a crown, with her hair streaming behind it.

And, when I saw the crown, I saw the Disney Wicked Witch of Snow White ... clear as day.

I have no idea what that means yet ... a crown denotes strength and command in the situation that, yes, suggest a moment of stillness in the plight of movement.

She is either riding into this situation ... BLAZIN~!

Or, riding away, triumphant and terrible to behold.

(Her necklace draws my attention, with its blood stone, but I get )nothing more from it than that.)


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Nightmare.


Looking at the composition of this card, it is again a card full of motion. The only pure white spot on the card is her face, which draws the attention first.

The attention is drawn down the face and through the necklace and pendant down to the wands on the right. Which then push the focus up the column of bats, across the lightening and the wand, and back to the face.

The secondary focus comes from the horses' fance, and drawn down its legs, which hits the wands and sort of spirals there.

The moment captured in this picture was one of a crowned woman victorious in battle. a queen who leads her own army. An independant, confidant person, fiery passions however perhaps a little too confidant, independant and impassioned.


Six of Wands

What seems to be a vampiress is sitting atop a mystical dark stallion. He is rearing up in triumph, red eyes glowing. The rider is also holding up a wand in victory, displaying to the viewer her superiority. Five other wands are stuck in ground around them but there is no evidence that there are any other humanoids around to witness this spectacle. There is a colony of bats following behind her; minions there to do her bidding. The sky is full of storm clouds and the rearing of the horse is coinciding with a bolt of lightning across the sky. Talk about good special effects!

The storm in the sky tells me that the battle that this nosferatu was involved in was a major event and that much mystical power was brought to bear. I can’t quite tell what the pendant around her neck is of, but it does have a red gem on it. The only person here to witness the display of success is the viewer, but if she starts to head this way I suggest running. Not that it would do much good, she has a number of weapons to use to bring you down. Stroke of lightning, trample you with her horse, swarm you with bats, or if she feels like dealing with you personally……then the best you can hope for is to be added to the list of vampires that she already controls, unless of course you would rather be dead.


A very quick and short glance make me almost think of Zorro on his horse. Lol!

Just want to had, for the description of the card : there is a ornemental skull on the horse, between his front legs.

Definitely, it's a card of mouvement, action and success.
The attitude of the vampiress is on of " I break all obstacle and attain my objective"