The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - Ten Of Pentacles


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Threshshold.

A vampire, wearing a black cloak, holds in his arm his latest victime, a young woman dressed in white. Behind him are stairs he just went down, and above him, an arch with ten pentacles engraved on it. A bat is at the top center of the arch.

How long has he been hunting down his victim? For how long has she been evading him? Finally, after a restless hunt, he got her and becomes victorious.

We notice that he passed under the arch with the woman in his arms. Arches were a sign of victory, and when someone had won a war, or conquered new lands, he was passing under an arch to show his suprematie to the others, this was also to ensure that his suprematie would last for long. The Arch of Triumph, in France, is an excellent exemple of this very old tradition. Another old tradition related to arches, was that a newlywed couple, the man holding his wife in his arms (showed exactly on the Ten of Pentacles), would pass under the couple's door (arch) in this position, to ensure the success and longevity of the newlywed couple. It seems obvious to me that the vampire on this card passes under the arch, holding his victim (or newlywed wife) as a sign of victory and lastingness.


Wow...yeah...well said.

I can only add...
WolfyJames said:
...after a restless hunt, he got her and becomes victorious. a way, so is she. She's home...and can rest.



Yes I totally agree with both of you. He has his bride, newly embraced/transformed. He has what he wants therefore he is victorious. I too get that feeling he is bringing her home. The steps descend, perhaps into his crypt? Into the earth? The arch is strong and solid. A sense of stability.

I love this card too.....


Ten of Pentacles

Here we have an arch in the wall. The arch is created with alternating large and small stones. Each large stone has pentacle carved in it. The keystone at the top has a bat façade on it. His wings are spread wide and his claws are out as if swooping for an attack. Inside the arch, stairs can be seen rising out of the mist, leading higher into the structure. Nearing the bottom of the stairs is a vampire carrying a woman who appears to be unconscious. He is carrying her very carefully; the look upon his face is almost tender.

The first thing I noticed about the bat on the key stone was how much it closely resembles the bat on the wall from the Hermit card. Is this set of stairs inside his abode? Was this woman wrongfully abducted by the Hermit, and this vampire has just rescued her from a terrible fate? I also feel that his vampire has feelings for this woman. Maybe he is bringing her down into the depths of his abode, but why then would she be unconscious? As much as these two resemble the couple on the Lovers card, I wonder if this scene takes place after the biting ceremony, and he is taking her across the “threshold”. The bite would have been on the side of her neck that can’t be seen, and the unconsciousness could be due to the beginning of the transformation process. He is now bringing his new wife down to his room to complete her change. Either way, he seems happy and content that he now has her in his arms.


He must trust her. He is leading her to a place where he feel secure. And in this place he knows well, he have a certain power, for now. So she must have a certain trust in him. Maybe he took her in her sleep.


I once wanted to animate the 10 of Pentacles card in another thread... and wrote
written by Alissa
...the vampire might look up to consider me, or he might not. I think he's rather enthralled with his new catch, the buxom wench he's making his mate. Definitely his mate, why else would he have her in his arms? A victim would be discarded like a leftover cardboard box to a Happy Meal. A dark wife, however.... Now there's something to take to the basement and play with for a while.

This card indicates fulfillment to me - the culmination of a long period of working and waiting until the right moment presented itself. Once presented, the catch was effortless.


I find this a very romantic card... *blush*
I see a lot of love here. The vampire is taking his new bride down to his chambers. He holds her gently in his arms. When he puts her down on his bed it will be very gently as well. I can imagine him sitting next to her on the bed; patiently waiting for her to wake up, softly brushing her hair or just looking at her.
Or am I being too romantic?

edit: Ooh, I can see so much stories here...
Maybe this vampire is protecting the woman from the 'evil world outside', bringing her someplace safe (and the question is whether she will be safe or not, after all, vampires like blood. And she looks very pretty.) Or maybe this vampire wants to have her all to himself, he doesn't want to share her with others.

September Pixie

This card for me is a completion of family.. much related to the 10 of Cups, perhaps they are the same couple even, shown in duel roles -- in this card we see him as the dominant and her as submissive but the roles are quite reversed on the 10 of Cups.. He is carrying his love to some place safe, to care and nurture her.. to welcome her into their new life together..

Steps representing the steps or walk of life.. the door way indicating their newly opened door (commitment), the gentle fog creeping up from the ground blocking the view of what lays ahead.. the moment is now, the family is now complete, and she is now being taken care of by her chosen partner..

Also.. no one has commented on their clothing.. he is darkness -- she is light.. its a yin yang of perfect bliss.. its a beautifully romantic card!