The Gothic Tarot by Vargo - XI Strength


Vargo's cards were based on earlier works, you can see some of them on his website. This card is called Possessed.

A woman stands on the left on the edge of the top of a building. She wears a white nightgown. There is a strong wind. The woman, with her back arched and her arms to the back, seems to offer herself to the elements, her eyes closed. The wind plays with her hair and her dress. There's a mist. Next to her stands a feline gargoyle, on the edge of the building like the woman.

It's possible that the woman here is trying to control the elements, giving herself totally, and enjoying it. She is the elements now, using the gargoyle to ground her, finding balance.



A woman, a Vampyress, stands atop a pillar. We feel that it is high and solitary. She balances on the edge, back arched and almost – over the edge. Her arms are out and behind her…. She leans against a strong sinister wind, gown, and hair flowing behind her (to our right).

To her left sits a feline inspired winged stone gargoyle. We get the distinction it is male, very angry or disturbed, and very much alive.

The card is blue in hue – the vampyress’ gown hints at white/translucent blue.

Balanced on the edge, she is in rapture – there is no fear – but there is a feeling of comfort, self-trust, mastery of risk, command.

Her gown blowing behind her, mirrors the wings of the Gargoyle. Perhaps she finds her sense of command by recognizing that part within herself, that is present in her enemies, obstacles, and risks - and turning that fear into strength


If you look closely, you'll see the woman is on "demi-pointe," half point, tippy toe.

And, with the thrust of her torso over her feet, her weight is now disproporitonally forward.

The only thing that keep her from a plunge off the ledge is the Strength of the wind that bears her weight.

Her Strength of will allows her to balance, poised, in a potentially dangerous situation. Her mastery of the moment gives her success, the precision knowledge of lending the wind only so much of her body's weight in proportion to it's gusts in order to remain supported.

If she miscalculated, if she sensed herself about to slip, her hand remains close to the gargoyle ... a firm support to grab onto should her overconfidance trip her up.

This card, with it's hair streaming, reminds me of how I like to lay down on the 4" lumbar beam of my front patio, and then let go ... nothing but my spine supported. I've done this in a high wind, and my hair floated all around me. Seeing her hair in the wind reminds me of that tactile sensation of the time I've felt my own hair floating like that. (It feels good ... like a weight lifted off your shoulders, perhaps another divinatory meaning).

September Pixie

While there is a great deal of mist and/or fog.. she is quite clear and in focus.. she appears nearly translucent in the light.. her gown flowing in the breeze.. The gargoyle sitting next to her has a fierce look on his face (as most do) to drive away negative beings/energy.. wings pointing upward and obviously in stone..

Initial Reactions:
possibly meaning to rise above your problems.. inner strength/light.. stone figure .. hmm.. possibly meaning you need to shield yourself or harden yourself (turn your skin to stone) to weather your problems.. vapor lifting.. problems dissolving? wind blowing or uncovering new things (ideas, problems, feelings).. gargoyle's wings and woman's face is lifted up.. again supporting something 'looking' or 'lifting' up.. Her eyes are closed & gargoyle's eyes are stone.. could possibly mean something underlying or not yet to be seen.


stone-like strength

She seems to me to be mimicing the stone gargoyles. She won't fall or be blown away because she has the strength of stone, and the mastery of gargoyles.


To me, the gargoyle in this card looks alive. He is there, looking at something below. Some sort of threat. He is there to protect his mistress, as she gives herself to the wind. She is vulnerable right now. Her complete focus is on the elements around her, not on any danger that may loom.

That gargoyle could tear the woman to pieces in an instant. Yet, he is controlled. He is her loyal servant. He stays close, even when (especially when?) his mistress is most exposed, and has the least amount of control over him. There are no chains around his neck, nor barrier to keep him in place. She still controls her guardian, even when she is totally consumed by something else.



Dark storm clouds fill the night sky. A woman stands on the roof, her feet arched, body stretched out to the wind. Her position is near the very edge of the ledge; the wind blows her white diaphanous gown and her raven colored hair back. At her side is a griffin gargoyle; its wings are out and the head is lowered against the wind. The mouth is open in a fierce growl, showing a fang filled mouth.

This woman is a mortal; she is a distant relative of the clan who is a guest. The master has assigned this griffin gargoyle as her bodyguard, but he is here out of loyalty. She has charmed him completely and he now serves her. Don’t mistake her mortality for weakness, she is a powerful sorceress. The storm that is brewing here is coming at her beckon. She gracefully basks in the results of her influence; seemingly oblivious to the danger. She knows no fear, as she welcomes the rush of the storm.


The gargoyle seems to look at the result of what the woman is doing. She seems to be totally absorbed. It seems effortless but done with a vast amount of energy and determination.



I see a woman standing on her toes and it seems as the winds are blowing as her arms are extanded back and her gown flows widly in the wind. She almost appears to be tempting the fates that be to push her off her perch.

However, I see a statue next to her. To me it is a lion. Which represents courge. The woman not only has courage but can be an oppent who is out to win.

Be careful with her she will fight to the bitter end.


I see her as challenging the elements. "Come on do your worst" and laughing and revelling in it. I think the gargoyle appears to be her familiar. When I look at this card I think of a daredevil.