The Green Sheaf


Well, let me explain the situation.

I've been making a research for Yone Noguchi(1875-1947), a Japanese poet who achieved some fame in the late Victorian London. He was a friend of W.B.Yeats, AE, and Pamela Colman Smith. And I found Noguchi contributed one of his poems to No.11 of the magazine "The Green Sheaf"(edited and published by PCS). Naturally I wanted it. And (perhaps unfortunately) I found it. Or, precisely, I found "them" because eight issues of "The Green Sheaf" were on sale as a set. And the price was ... .... I swore a lot against LCD and made a fatal click. Good bye, new motorcycle! Good bye, new highpowered PC! And welcome my new treasure, PCS's hand coloured rarest magazine.

I 'd like to share the pictures in the magazine with my friends so I'm now scanning and uploading them in my website. You can see exquisite illustrations of Cecil French, AE, W.T.Horton, Dorothy Ward etc as well as those of PCS. Their works are also important for PCS study because their coloring was done by PCS.

Perhaps you already saw many of them in the Kaplan Encyclopedia III -- but they were BW whereas mine are full colour so worth a looking, I believe. I'm going to upload one issue a week.

notice : my website is written in Japanese. Some parts are in English so please make a guessing and click! (lol)


They are just amazing! Thank you so much for posting them:D


What a find, roppo! I can't wait to see more! Thank you so much for sharing these.


that's really fascinating.

thank you for sharing with us.

you have the "collectors curse" but don't worry, there will always be a better motorcycle and more advanced powerful computer, but opportunities like these are often once or twice in a lifetime.



Thank you ever so much for posting this gorgeous & rarely seen images. These are really important for PCS admirers to see.


Fantastic resource (yet again!)



The long and varied professional carreer of Pamela Colman Smith
often leads me to believe~ HER Tarot was almsot finished before
Waite offered to assist with getting it published by Rider & Co. ;)

She knew her way around, as her letter to Stieglitz clearly shows,
and it likely never occurred to her Waite would steal all the credit.


No.2 uploaded

I've just uploaded all the pictures of "The Green Sheaf" no2. This issue has 16pages and lots of good illustrations as you see --

I appended explanatory notes in English to some pictures.

And THE TREAT OF THE WEEK! Here you are -- "BLUE BEARD" pictures by Pamela Colman Smith (1913).

Colored top page and three BW illustrations. Unfortunnatly the paper and ink used in the PCS's picture pages seem rather bad. Only 93 years past and they become far much browner compared to the letter-only-pages. I had to use brightness /contrast controll of photoshop to render the pictures clearer.

And perhaps old news for some of you but a news for me anyway. PCS's first book "Annancy Stories" is now available as a new reprint at USD13.50. I bought it from Amazon Japan.

All in all, enjoy!


Thank you for your generosity in sharing this, Roppo. I particularly like "La Tranquillita" by W.T.Horton.


They are beautiful!

Thank you for sharing these, roppo.