The Green Woman


hello all,
i find the green woman to be particularly fascinating, but i'm finding it difficult to find any in depth information about her and her origins etc.
this is the fae i have my strongest connection with at the moment, and she has revealed to me what her real name is. she must have a strong trust in me to do this, but i'm not so sure why, as the connection came about quite randomly.
i want to know more about this fae, and how she might play a part in my life. i don't feel i yet have a very strong connection to the fae in general (although others seem to disagree), and the few messages and interactions i've had have been in dreams, the odd glimpse, hearing fae singing, and working with the oracle.
what are other peoples views and experiences of the green woman, and can anyone direct me to sumwhere where i can find out more about her?


My Green Woman fae guide

Since all the fae's are different from one person to the next, I'm not sure if my outlook on the greenwoman will help or not, but here it goes.

When the Green Woman comes up, the first thing I think and hear is "Don't be so serious, go, have fun, be a little spunky, spikey". I've asked her before if she is related to the Green Man, who is very popular in the faerie world. She has told me that she does indeed know him, that he would be her equal partner (but very different then lover). I don't know a heck of a lot about the green man, accept that he is somehow (mis) understood to bring fortune (money), prosperity, and I believe healing too (not sure). But that's not what I feel from him though. I see him more as a fae who watches behind the leaves, curious about mankind, but rarely ever daring to interact with them, only watching, and throwing a few faery sparks when one is in trouble or needs some extra help. The Green Woman on the other hand will spin around in circles with you around the camp fire. Sometimes she'll put a snake in a boot, or a harmless (big) spider in your tent. She's the essence of mischief, sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny to us humans. But she is a very curious lil gal, once I caught her playing in my dvd player because she wanted to watch a movie. As soon as I told her "that's not how we watch movies" I heard a click (coming from the direction of the dvd player) and all the sudden the dvd player worked just fine again (where as it wasn't working for about 5 mins time). She's also the person that whispers in the ears of others to play pranks on you, One of her all time favorites is someone pouring cold water on you in a hot shower.

She also has a message of "look, I'm old too, doesn't mean I can't have fun, there is no need to just lay down and die, just because your old, well, who cares, if anything have fun with being old, play pranks, have fun, be mischievious". I have heard her also tell me in the past to "go ahead, enjoy yourself, have fun, just be careful of mischief". So she can be warning of mischief coming too (and usually not a good kind).

I hope this helped some, if I think of anything else, I'll post again. I'm looking forward to what others will have to say.


Wow! I have just spent a day with her, so my memories are still clear. :)
She is the one you would probably consider insane if you see her jumping on a meadow all alone. But not after you jump there with her. The main feature, of course, is her wilderness. She is NATURAL unlike many people. She has her own inner light that she saves even thoughout winter. This quality I would want to learn from her. The other major feature I learned about her is wisdom. She is not foolish and it's hard to trick her, because being so impartable from nature, she easily recognizes unnatural things like lies and rumours. I got stuck in a traffic jam tonight returning from studies. And I thought that it would be a very, very useful skill to dissolve this jam. 'Too bad I can't do it', I thought along. And I almost physically heard the Green Woman say: 'If you couldn't do this, I woudn't have wasted my time here with you'. Believe me, there was not a hint of arrogancy in her saying. It was a NATURAL truth. The Green Woman teaches natural reason, asking 'what for' questions. And money or status is not satisfactory answer for her (I believe we talked about money and faeries in other thread). She helps to penetrate the deeper layers of ourselves. In this way she is not exactly a shaman like Himself, but a preparatory stage for becoming a shaman if one wishes. She helps to unravel the inner self, to realize that sometimes we are ashamed of natural things. (I love sagitarian's analogy with playful elders).

Another feature is being busy. She woke me up at 8:30 (I went to bed at 5 am - I am never enough to hear all what faeries wish to tell me). And there went a rain of calls 'til 12. Then I had 2 hrs to accomplish my hometask for English studies and to check with consulate on visas before taking bus to get to the academy on time. That was a tiring busy day. Last Monday with Laiste was much more joyful. But I learned things and I am grateful to the Green Woman for them. She didn't reveal her real to me, perhaps, time has not yet.

I hope it'll give you some insight, but, as sagitarian has already mentioned, faeries' messages are personal. ;)


wow i love both your takes on the green woman!
i know she is telling me that i need to spend more time out in nature, have been meaning to for ages now, but never seem to get around to it.
she is also telling me not to care what other people think of me so much, and to be true to myself.
from her i get a great sense of wisdom, she knows nature, she knows the hidden depths of her soul, she just knows. she teaches to learn through life experience, not through reading in books, t.v, the net or whatever, but to actually get out there and experience life, and enjoy it while your at it. and of course she says not to take life and the world too seriously! she has a glint in her eye that makes me wonder what she might be planning next.
she is the wild joy of living and being a free soul!
i love her


I like her a lot.

Her face is fascinating. She's young and old at the same time - she doesn't act her age, she acts *herself*. And she can be herself and break out of expected social roles because she knows how to be disrespectful - she sticks her tongue out at convention, not to hurt anybody's feelings, but just to let you know, "I'm free." I think the sassy disrespect arises out of a deep respect for life and knowing how to keep it alive.

Yeah, she's easy to love.


I was very happy to find this thread - as I am trying to learn more about the Green Woman as well.

The other night, when I asked the faeries who I would be, if I were a faerie, I pulled the Green Woman...

This surprised me a bit, bc I am a pretty stressful / anxious person.. and the Green Woman looks wild, natural, and carefree.... I think she is telling me that that is the way I *want* to be... So, in the Faerie world, I'd allow my true nature to come through...

When I am being too serious, I try to think of her making that face at me... !!


"When I am being too serious, I try to think of her making that face at me... !!"

You're talking about wanting to learn more about the Green Woman and you're also talking about identifying with her to some extent. If you really want to learn about her, try going one step beyond thinking of her making that face at you. Try making that face yourself.


The Green Woman reminds me of something an older friend told me when I turned 40. He said that passing 40 was a freeing experience for him. Before that, he concentrated too much on pleasing others. At 40 he came to a realization that this wasn't only unnecessary but simply--not him. He learned to be free with himself, to be himself, and to let no one tell him how he should live.

There are those of us (like me), sort of "goody-two-shoes" types, who were excruciatingly obedient children and younger adults, who really need this nudge to express ourselves more freely. The Green Woman is a wonderful guide in this direction.



"He learned to be free with himself, to be himself, and to let no one tell him how he should live."

Yeah, there's no dodging that step when it's time to take it. But one thing I noticed is that when you go from 'goody two shoes' to being yourself, you find that fewer people like you. No, that isn't it exactly... fewer people *approve* of you. That's why the joy and irreverence and the green growing of the Green Woman is so important - those things give you the strength to be what you really are. Notice her reaction to anybody who disapproves of her being herself? No anger or recrimination, no doubts or self-pity - nah, she'd rather have fun with it (sticks out tongue).


dobro said:
[B If you really want to learn about her, try going one step beyond thinking of her making that face at you. Try making that face yourself. [/B]

What an awesome suggestion. I'm already smiling at the thought!!