The Heart of Faerie: The Green Woman

pickled pixie

I just thought I'd post because I keep getting this card and I just don't understand her at all?? Every time I see her I just get a mental block; I have read the book but don't really understand that meaning either? Also can't work out how she is different to The Green Man.....I'm in a state of confusion LOL! :D

What does she mean to you guys? :)

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To me the difference is in the way they use their strength...
The Green Man is the vital force the natural instinct ...we can't help our selves it is just such a forceful feeling....we have to burst forth and accomplish....whatever.
It is like the vital force that causes a little seed in the ground to fight it's way to the light and burst out of it's casing.
Or a vine to grow and grow and grow all the way to the top of a telephone pole...nothing can stop it's vigor.

The Green Woman is that gentle vigor that causes a flower petal warmed by the sun to slowly open.
She understands the need for water, light, warmth...all the care giving aspects the plants need.
Her joy is in the color, fragrance and beauty of things.
She brings things to fruition using gentle strength...kind of like the Strength card in the tarot deck.

Where I see the Green Man more as the Emperor in the tarot deck...
He's the force....have you ever seen a little plant that has grow right up through a concrete side walk...he is that that bursts forth no matter what obstacle.

So the GM is the force that causes the seed/plant to grow ....the GW is the enviroment...that causes it to florish and complete it's life cycle.
Anyway that's how I've come to see them.

pickled pixie

Thank you so much for replying lark :)
your explanations have helped greatly especially with The Green Man, The Green Woman is still a little perplexing to me but maybe that's the point, maybe It's the lesson I need to learn? :)

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I think she is harder to understand because her strength is subtlety.
For instance if I got her in a spread about a friendship/relationship would be a clue to me to look at the surrounding environment around the other person...there might be something I'm missing...that is making them act...crabby, or distant..or happy or mad.
It might not have anything to do with might have to do with other factors around them.
Also as an action card the GW tells me to go forward, but use a light hard sell or brash in your face confrontation.
But a light approach ...with kindness and patience.

pickled pixie

aaah I see kinda like The piper in some ways then? That actually helped a lot! :)



pickled pixie said:
aaah I see kinda like The piper in some ways then? That actually helped a lot! :)

Yes, like the Piper in that he uses the same sublte ways to cleanse and heal through music.
The Green woman uses her subtle energy to get you to come to full be all you have come here to be.