The Heart of Faerie


oooh satori!!!

Your a really good enabler. but im on a deck and book diet until the Transparent Oracle comes out...

but if I keep reading your post I'll be weak and enabled and ooooops HOF is in my shopping cart and bought lol.


Yes, a little deeper into the book, I have noted that there are nine faerie queens followed by nine 'consort' cards. Then there are archetypes (The Hero for example which I scanned), and a category they call the Sprite, which I just started last night. Then Ladies, Tricksters and Journey cards. I am hesitating to say too much because it takes a while to get to know the deck.


Mine arrived today so I will spend some time with them and report in... just glanced through but I can already see that WF's style is very different...haven't had any time with the book or the deck yet though so no judgments.


Oh all the comments are making me very anxious to get my deck...hurry hurry amazon!!

I am interested in these new categories of fae...will have to see how they "play out" in my world of faery...I must say....I don;t think I'll miss the Singers...but perhaps I will...although they will always just be a hands reach the FO deck...

While I know you say the cards are not the "same" as FO....I did notice that some of them are very similar...the Laume, the Friends and a few others...What I am wondering is perhaps they are of the same fae family and thus look alike just as real human families do...When I get my deck I am going to pair the similar ones and study them a bit to see if any interesting thoughts pop into my head...


I received mine today already!!!! :bugeyed: I only ordered it 4 days ago and it's already here!!!

I love it!!! There are similar faeries and very different faeries in this deck. Alot of the newer fae are ones in Froud's latest book. Kind of Peter Panish.

I haven't even cracked the book yet, because I wanted to do the exercises Jesa had us do in the original Faerie Oracle......go through and pick your favorite and least favorite to see what you can hear from them before reading the book. To connect with them without the need for the book. So that's what I've done.

Noone who knows how I connect with the original will be surprised but my favorite is the Green Woman!! LOL My least favorite is The Remembrance! What surprised me was I didn't find many to pull out as least favorite. I believe it's because I'm friends with the froud faeries now so some of the ones that I could see being "least favorite" before I now look at differently and accept now.

An interesting thing is there are 3 cards that don't have titles??? And someone else commented on this - sorry can't remember who now - but I agree that the titles are too "in your face". I like the other deck where you almost couldn't read them. Plus I liked the original deck had more names for the faeries instead of titles. (not all but more than this deck)

All in all I can see myself connecting with this deck in the same manner I do with the original. Although it will take years for me to get as comfortable with them as I am with the others. I mean we've had years together and these are new friends. :heart:


*repeats* Im on a deck diet, Im on a deck diet *mantra*

But you just bought the Norse... well thats coz its the Norse I mean you dont see those everyday...

But Im still on a diet.

Until march then these fairy babies are coming to meeeeee

so one of the worst deck diets ever lol


inanna_tarot said:
*repeats* Im on a deck diet, Im on a deck diet *mantra*

But you just bought the Norse... well thats coz its the Norse I mean you dont see those everyday...

But Im still on a diet.

Until march then these fairy babies are coming to meeeeee

so one of the worst deck diets ever lol

Be strong! You can do it. Repeat after me... I don't need any more faeries. I don't need any more faeries.
(Well not until March anyway) ;)


So I saw it on Amazon for 16 bucks, figured out that it would be about 20 bucks to get it home to me, and decided to run and pick it up at the bookstore and have it tonight right away, and quell that need to gratification, the need to have and to hold it NOWWWW!

I love it. You know I just don't love a lot of faery decks out there. I mean I try to take each deck as it comes, as an individual and say how do you do and meet and greet it for what it is. Oracle or Tarot makes no difference, but I haven't had lots of luck with other faery decks. I seem to get on with Froud's work.

The new deck is...a fresh perspective. This may sound weird, but the Faeries Oracle is a little bit country and this deck is a little bit Rock and Roll! Like the country cousin just introduced us to the city fae! Because of the addition of the court this deck feels glammed up a bit. Not to mention the colors. I love the colors and I love the sense that the human world is visible in this deck.

There is an underlying structure that tells you this is a similar landscape to the FO, but this is a different level of the society, and you feel it. Not to say all fae are equal here, you see the difference but there is a definite recognizable quality and you are oriented because of your association with FO.

A couple things stick out for me. Card 19 The Lord of the Forest. This looks like Himself grown............Old and maybe.....hard....maybe.....a little sinister. So right off the bat I start thinking, there is a like a time slip here, almost like a bit of a shift, so that what if this is a parallel world to the FO, rather than being the country and city aspects, what if it is two sides of the same coin, and does it even matter? LOL.

The three un-named cards....interesting...but....why?

8 Queen of Shadows, strange but looks like Gawtcha to me. A different aspect of Gawtcha. More confident, less afraid, more able to LOOK.

13 The Speaker of Truth. Knock me down with a feather they put Mi-Shell in the deck! I look at this card and all I can see is Mi-Shell. And I mean this in a very good way. No one speaks the truth like Mi-Shell....just wanted to clarify that.


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rock and roll fae?!


and its not long till march ;)