The hermetic tarot


Here's a list of the so-called Geomantic Intelligences which appear on the majors. This is Crowley from 777:

"These intelligences are angelic in nature, but possessing material and even earthly dominion. Hence they preside over the geomantic figures, whose nature indeed expresses their relation to man."​

There are 16 geomantic figures. Anyone know how there came to be 19 intelligences? As with the minors there a several misprints and mistakes.

Geomantic Intelligences


Awesome. Thanks y'all. This is some terrific information.


Hermetic Tarot

Lately I've been working a lot with this deck--it really intrigues me. I'm wondering what resources some of you use for the images and symbols. So far I've been using the LWB and Book T. Any other suggestions?
And what significance do you make of the presence/absence of hands on the minors?


I've noticed influences from Eliphas Levi in this deck, especially his Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum. For example the Azoth symbol above the head of the Hierophant is from this work. The small inner wheel symbol on the Wheel of Fortune also seems inspired from an image in the same work; Waite obviously borrowed his Wheel from this image. I haven't found the text particularly valuable but there might be something there. W. Wynn Wescott has made notes for each of the Trumps to supplement Levi's. You could also refer to Levi's Transcendental Magic and The History of Magic; they're both available at Internet Archive.

Dowson seems to have been inspired by both the GD and Crowley. That might account for some minors having hands and others not. Just my 2 cents. :)


I agree. Book T covers the basics but a well-rounded knowledge of GD lore will only increase your enjoyment of the deck. This includes basic astrology and Qabalah.

As is the case in most Golden Dawn decks what's isn't on the cards is just as important as what is, if not more.


Thanks, Abrac and Zephyros for these suggestions.
I'd be on board for a Hermetic Deck study group. Seems like this was brought up not too long ago but didn't get enough interest.


Tarot of Ceremonial Magick by L M Duquette has simple meanings of each Angelic names. I am sure they are the same association of each minor cards to the Angels of the Hermetic Tarot.
For example, 6 of Disks have NEMAMIAH (Lovable) and IEILAEL (Hearer of Lamentations).

It even shows 2 Goetia spirits for each card as well. For example, 6 of Disks
Day Spirit of Goetia is Marbas - He is a great president ...
Night Spirit of Goetia is Focalor - He is mighty Duke and strong ...