The Hermit as a 'situation' card?

pickled pixie

I did a reading for a woman the other night, I used the celtic cross and first card to come up was the hermit as the 'where she was at this time' card. I'm confused at what this means? Does it mean that she's closed off mentally and too guarded??
I know here life situation and this card in this position just doesn't seem right to me?
can anyone throw in another angle with this card :)

sorry if this post is a little tedious but I'm just a beginner.

pp xxx

The rest of the reading was pretty darn spot on though!!! *yay*


I would say at the time of the reading this lady may be focusing on her own inner needs for a change instead of other peoples. I would say she is looking for inner guidance, taking time out and asking questions of herself
eg; where am I now
where have I come from
Where am I going
I have found if you want the answer to a deep situation sleep with the Hermit card under your pillow and the answer will come to you while you sleep.
I would not think she is closed off mentally quite the contrary I think maybe she is opening up mentally.
Hope this helps,


pickled dixie

I agree with doreen. The Hermit is when we become deeply involved in searching the truth inside of ourselves. Our desire is to become more independent.

At the time of the reading she may have been thinking of wanting to be more self-reliant instead of always asking others to help her out of her predicaments.



inner search

I love this card. I enjoy it so much I got myself a purple Top Hat! The card always makes me smile and then makes me look again and again at the image. There is so much there! Inner exploration for sure. Lots of unconscious and subconscious material. The land of dreams and urges. Such an exploration one must make alone, and it can be a bit scary. But there are wonders there also. BB, Michael


Whenever I do a reading, especially when it comes to where I'm at in Life, I take it as I need a break to take time to reflect and soul- search, just shut the world out for awhile.


The Hermit is one of my favourite cards too :)
I was thinking though of the drugery (spelling) of life - sometimes it canbe relevant to a long stretch of time and lesson learnings and experiences. Possibly the other cards in the spread indicated where she is in her lesson at the moment and what she has learnt and gained from it. Being in that position Id say shes still on this path - and sometimes it can be a longer journey than expected - I guess its about how fast you learn. Whatever crossed it could be relevant to her progress too.
I think it is a wonderful time in life - but thats can only be realized when you come out of the tunnel at the end maybe for some ;) Sometimes too, its a time of feeling a bit depressed, or burdened, weighed down and that things are going slowly.
A very simple explaination of a complex and enlightening card. But there is wisdom in that card - and a journey to a higher level of enlightenment and realization.

Glad the reading went well too!! :D

Just some spare change thoughts ;)

Elven x

pickled pixie

thank you so much for all your input :) the hermit card in that position makes so much more sense !!! Elven - your description of the card seemed to perfect fit this womans situation perfectly and thought you might be interested to know the Hermit was crossed with the all makes perfect sense to me now :D
Tarobones - The purple hat sounds coooool!!!!..... I want one!!!!!
Thanks again peeps
PP xxx


harry potter

I must admit that the first time I saw the Hermit I thought of those magical stairways at the wizard school in the Harry Pottery movies.......they keep moving around! I hope the Hermit has stairs like that because there is so much to explore in those depths! :) BB, Michael

P.S. the hat is cool, fun and I often wear it now when working with the Fey! LOL


tarotbone said:
P.S. the hat is cool, fun and I often wear it now when working with the Fey! LOL

LOL!! I wanna see a pic *Elven jumps up and down* That is very cool idea for reading. The Hermit is very inspirational!!

Elven x


> where she was at this time?

Maybe she was just lost.