The Hierophant


How do you use this card?
We will be meeting up with a person of higher knowledge OR is this just telling us to listen to our inner teacher?

I use this as taking things to the next level but I'm wondering if I should advise people listen to their own council or go get advise as to a priest or counselor etc.


When it turns up in one of my readings (I haven't done many for anyone else) I think of using "traditional" means. If the question is health related, going to a medical doctor rather than maybe a naturopath. In the question of romance, I'd say it would mean a traditional relationship, ie. marriage rather than living together.

I think of it as going to a university for "traditional" knowledge, things that come with things that Man has created, that you have to learn from someone else, rather than the secret mysteries that we pick up from the High Priestess.

I think it would depend so much on what is being asked whether I would advise seeking a psychologist or counselor of some sort, but it definately would indicate needing to learn something or not breaking away from standard beliefs and teachings of some sort.

It came up for me around Christmas time, so I decided it meant for me to focus on traditional values instead of getting all bent out of shape by the commercial nature it's becoming. To pass on the family traditions on to my kids and create those kinds of memories for them.

I've also associated this with fathers, not neccessarily the ones in the Catholic Church, since I've never been Catholic, but the things I learned from my father or some one in that kind of authority, perhaps mentor would be a better image.

I'd say that it would really depend on the question and the surrounding cards whether to seek out or expect knowledge from another or to look within yourself. It seems no matter what the cards mean one time, they take one a whole new meaning each time they come up.


I agree with you WalesWoman.
I just want to add that I use it as a representation of a very honest and righteous man. It also may mean faith or a priest or someone of this know, depending on religion (I can't find a good word in English since it's not my language).
But I know that it also may mean marriage, getting married.



So many decks have pompous-looking heirophants. I found him rather oppressive until I encountered the Cat People Deck's High Preist. He is a kindly, beckoning figure. He helped me to see the kindness in this card, the fact that the Heirophant desires to bless and protect rather than to opress. In fact, he is someone who would take on your pain if he could.
He represents the safely and sweetness of old traditions, like coming home after a foray into the equally wonderful world.
He also means safety. If he shows up, I think it means to stick to approved methods because sometimes "The road less travelled" is less travelled because it leads into a nasty big swamp.


When I draw the hierophant (and I hate that word), I go first with what my intuition draws my eye to.

Sometimes that's the male figure (usually male) as "the institution"--religious, governmental, corporate--which can be oppressive or just entrenched or traditional. Sometimes that could mean security, too.

I've also sometimes focused on the two children in front as a message of obedience--sometimes chosen, sometimes forced.


To me the Hierophant is Conformity and Tradition upright.
He's the guy who teaches you how to play the game of life. He knows all the rules.
Be it in a spiritual way or in an everyday world way.
He's like the guy who takes you under his wing at your new job and shows you the ropes.
Tells you where to go, who to look out for, where the best place for lunch is, what the bosses likes and dislikes are.

In a Spiritual sense he shows you your own path to the Divine by tried and true methods, and then he steps back and lets you go off on your own. He provides that solid base we all need in any area of spirituality.

I often wondered if I ever did a reading for a priest or preacher if the Hierophant would come up.
Well, the other day I was doing a reading for a man and The Emperor came up.
And I just couldn't get off of him.
I kept talking about his father thinking that there was something to that area of his reading.
He insisted that he had, had a good relationship with his father and nothing I was saying made sense.
And the cards were not speaking of control in any sense....just father, father, father kept coming to my mind over and over.

That card would not let me go. I almost closed the reading in frustration. Then he said to me well I used to be a priest and everyone called me Father....could that have something to do with it?

OMG we were off like a race horse after that.
So for me the cards want to use The Emperor for a Catholic Priest!!


"And I just couldn't get off of him"

who? LOL


ros you are a scamp.
I just read your post to Jewel-ry about her walk on the beach.
And now you are trying to start something up between me and that poor timid ex priest....
You have a naughty streak...})


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